8 New Web of Life Animist Ministers Ordained in September 2016

In September 2016, eight beautiful beings completed a yearlong training program to become ordained Animist ministers through Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Church.

On Saturday, September 17, they hosted a ceremony for friends and family in Tucson, AZ. Offerings highlighted each participant’s relationship with the Living World and their own Heart.  Included was a luminous labyrinth, an art show featuring three of the ministers, a water blessing, a child centered guided meditation and a performance about the masks we wear in the world, and with ourselves.  It was a beautiful event, and each minister contributed beautifully. Below are photos from the event. Also is a photograph of the beautiful certificate created by Valerie.

During our last weekend together, each minister shared words for the greater world, and we created rhythm together, combining them all into a powerful message with many viewpoints- however different, we all have a love of the Earth, and know we are a part of the Whole.  Each minister speaks about their own unique and personal relationship with this reality we are calling “Animism“. No one speaks for another.  Blessings to all.

Audio features:  Valerie, Jacob, Soha, Erin, John, Cathy, Matthew and Yona- Thank you.


Minister reflections about the year program:

This last year so much changed and shifted for me and I know it wouldn’t have had you not created this space this program and gave me a reason and way to trust myself. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This year I made art, I healed, I cried, I felt Joy, I embodied myself. It was a magical un-namable ever-present field of support, leaving me with a sense of being a bit more filled with love, with confidence, with hope, thank you.

When I joined this program it was my intention to further explore the spiritual realms. During this year I’ve been pushed past my boundaries external as well as internal. I’ve traveled the full spectrum of being in awe, angry, elated, and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. This program truly brought my vision into focus and has allowed me to explore all the possibilities.

This year, and my experiences in this program with all the amazing people in it, has reminded me of why I came here. To help Humanity  reconnect with Spirit, the Earth and their Inner Light.


The next one year program in Tucson begins the weekend of October 22-23 2016.  There will also be training programs based in Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR in 2017.  Find out more information HERE.


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