Animist Minister Ordainment Training begins October 22, 2016


Hone your Animist/Shamanic Craft. Become a Leader in your Animist Community. 
The Web of Life Animist Minister Ordainment Program (12 months) begins on October 22, 2016.
This program is available for those in Tucson, and beyond~
  • We will meet in Tucson, AZ for 5 weekends (Saturday 9-5:30 and Sunday 10-4:30) during the year.
    Weekend Dates are:  October 22-23, December 10-11 2016, February 11-12, April 8-9 and September 2017

Earth-Web-Logo-(Yellow-and-Brown) small text bottomWhy a Minister Program?
Earth Web Media is a Religious Non Profit Corporation, incorporated as an Animist “Church” in 2008.

To those of the shamanic and pagan path, in all of its beautiful diversity, welcome! The Web of Life Animist Minister Training Program is a way to focus on our similarities, rather than our differences, and help others in our communities with your sacred gifts.  The role of “minister” is a role with important cultural responsibilities, and becoming a “minister” (by the end of the program you will choose your own word for your role) will help you share the Animistic path with those who are ready to explore these sacred and life affirming ideas and realities.  By becoming an Animist Minister you help the Earth and all of her inhabitants into worlds beyond.

This Training is designed to inspire you to discover and creatively express your Unique Nature of Service (“ministry”) by exploring the subjects listed in Your Sacred Circle and the roles listed in Your Healing Powers (see below for outlines), and sharing them with the world in your own unique way.


What can I do with an Animist Minister Ordainment?   

As a officially ordained Minister, you can offer your animist  inspired services to people in: ~ Hospice and Hospitals ~Spiritual Schools (yours or someone else’s) for Kids and Adults ~Support Groups ~Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies ~Ceremonies for Release and Rites of Passage ~Classes and Workshops ~Individual Spiritual Support Sessions.  What can be done with it is up to you!

Ministering is a sacred mix of Holding Sacred Space and Storytelling, delivered with your own style of Performance.

You will be able to legally marry people in Arizona and Oregon at this time (maybe more states in the future). You can also contact hospitals about becoming a clergy member/chaplain on call.  Due to the importance of religious freedom in this country, there are cultural and legal benefits to being an ordained minister of a “Church”, which will be covered in the program.

As an Animist Minister, Your Nature of Service is Unique to YOU and helps you Support, Embody and Promote the following Animistic World Views in the world around you.
During this 12 month program you will explore your ways of being:
Artist, Ceremonialist, Sacred Space Holder, Spirit World and Nature Ambassador, Seer, Empath, Diviner, Intuitive, Energy Body Navigator, Trance Inducer, Sacred Nature Guide, Balance Restoration Practitioner, Spiritual Voice for the Living and those who have Passed from this World. 


IMG_20121011_090847 (2)
A deep 12 month program, 5 weekends and 2 hours a month (online and/or in person) in off months help you create your Ministry.

Learn more about the program, with all the updated information, HERE.


There is a Spirit in Everything and We are Each an Equal Thread in the Sacred Web of Life.

~Earth Web Media is a registered religious non-profit (church) with an Animist tradition.
~Earth Web Media ordains its Ministers without a particular cultural stamp, with guidance from your Ancestors.
~Each “Minister” finds the principles that run through all traditions and customizes them.

~You will create your own way to share the Animist message in this evolving world, in congress with others of like mind.


If, after reading the program description, you feel called to become an Animist Minister in this tradition, reach out to me.
This program is open to people in Tucson, and beyond. 




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