Dragon Talk with John Sowersby


The first time I encountered a dragon (in this life) was in one of the first few shamanic journeys I did at the Institute for Shamanic Arts (now Intuitive Shamanic Animists) in Tucson with Quynn Red Mountain.

It was in a group and we journeyed with the help of a drum. For the journey I asked what my guides wanted to show me.  The journey began from a safe place which I had found in my first journey; a circle with 4 animal guides around me. I saw a blue serpent-like dragon appear in front of and above me. It came toward me and swallowed me. Inside was a tunnel and when I came through I met a brown/bronze colored dragon. The dragon changed me into a dragon and at the time I thought he was just showing me what it’s like, but it turned out he was reminding me. He said dragons are shapeshifters, and was changing shape slightly throughout the journey. He appeared 20-30 feet tall with arms, legs, wings, and a many horns and spikes on his head.

He took me to space in another dimension where I saw a nebulae with stars and planets and there were many other dragons. Many of them appeared in meditation or trance. He said dragons can project anywhere, any dimension, any time, any place and go there physically if they want but they don’t usually do. They don’t need to eat so they can remain in trance or projection for as long as they want (thousands of years even) and they are purely an expression of energy which allows them to shapeshift. They are the creators cosmic middle management. They influence the nature and the physical environment and reality itself. Dragons influence nature by building the energy up in a place which in turn helps, for example, plant and animal life thrive, or for the ocean currents to flow properly, or for a star to be stable.

In another journey I saw there are water dragons repairing the ocean ecosystems near Fukashima that appeared to me as like immense spinning jellyfish that are filtering out the radiation. When I was in my dragon shape the bronze dragon who is now one of my main guides took me to the mountains where I felt/remembered what it feels like to be a dragon. I was able to sense everything around me, every plant, bug, critter, and person and their mood, and every stone and every subtle energy. The energy they work with is qi. Qi is the energy from which all reality arises. Qi comes first then physical form will manifest or vice versa, Qi leaves and the physical form fades. Dragons are older than humanity and older than this plane.
I shared this journey after I overheard a psychic friend, K.C talking to another woman about dragons. The woman was talking about taking care of baby dragons. I shared about my journey and about having a dragon as a guide. The woman said she is a silver dragon. My friend said silver dragon is the woman’s original form. My friend asked me if I wanted to know what my original form is, I said yes of course! She looked at me for few seconds and laughed. She said, “You’re a rainbow dragon”. She went on to explain there are different types depending on age and acquired knowledge/wisdom. The elemental dragons; fire, earth, water and air/space are like cosmic management. They help balance the natural world and help life to thrive. The rainbow dragon is one who has been and is all four elements. Then the bronze, silver, gold, and white dragons. I suspect more levels after white. This is when I figured out that my guide was reminding me who I am, my original form.
The dragons are working here on this planet to help humanity awaken and to live in balance with their environment. Dragons are also trying to repair the damage being done to this planet. There are dragons around every major thriving ecosystem. If you have a close relationship to nature and understand it beyond words you probably have dragon around you or you are a dragon. They may come into your dreams with messages, appear in clouds, in your mind’s eye, or even physically. That’s why dragons appear in all ancient cultures around the world, they are timeless and have been helping humanity since the beginning. Dragons are also involved in current battles to remove the darkness that has infected this planet. I was in a battle 2 weeks ago with other beings including other dragons and Odin. It was a success…more on that later though…


John Sowersby M.AcOm,BSHS,CRSS, of Flying Wolf Tuina and Healing, is a Tuina/Chinese Bodywork Practitioner, Nutritional Counselor, and Web of Life Ordained Animist Minister in Tucson Arizona.  Contact him at flyingwolfacupuncture(at)gmail.com

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