A Tribe of One has been Born again-New and Improved

Quynn here- Blessings to all on this day before Thanksgiving!  I am happy and relieved to announce that a long awaited project is now complete, and available!  It is purely synchronicity that it is available right before the busiest shopping days of the year. :)

tribe-of-one-no-shadowMy book A TRIBE OF ONE-A GUIDE FOR EXPRESSING THE SHAMANIC SELF is revised, and the companion multimedia E-Course is finished, uploaded and ready to be delivered by download to anyone who feels it may help them explore their spirit world, shamanic abilities and animist ancestry. (Insert Sigh of Relief!)

Backstory!- In 2013 I had help in revising and updating my 2003 paper book A Tribe of One- Healing Handbook for the Modern World and putting it into E-Book form.  I offered the course in Tucson that summer.

A participant wrote this about A Tribe of One:
I have never read a book that triggered so much thought.
As I am reading another person’s story, my own remembering is happening- memories are surfacing,
not just as I am reading, but also during the rest of the day… thoughts of my childhood and family, memories of who I am, flood out from unlocked places to be rewoven into the powerful journey of a child that is awakening in me now.
Powerful reawakening is happening from this experience.
Thank you ~


Then, earlier this year I had a health scare, a cancer diagnosis, and I wondered if it would kill me.  I became worried that so much original yet unpublished course material was still in my head, rather than in a form where people could use it.  Frankly, I felt that if/when I died, I needed to have more available for people to explore their spirit world on their own…so the work that has come through me would live on beyond my human existence.

While I went through two surgeries and wove my way through the labyrinth of healing I recorded all the multimedia content for A Tribe of One E-Course.  I was shamanizing for myself during this time, and my guides were present strongly, so it felt to be a good time to record the audio for this book that has been my life thus far.  Guided meditations, insights about the content, and my drumming were recorded on my audio equipment in a makeshift recording studio. As my body mended, I edited the audio and shot the videos.  Then in May I came back to the everyday world, “healed”, and still feeling compelled to put this content into a form that people could use anywhere, anytime.

Now it is the end of November.   Manifesting things can take a while.  It has taken a few (6) months to weave through the technology to be able to have this course available the way I saw it in my head.  This has been a challenging task…I had to learn new things and figure things out, and now…a couple days before my 47th birthday…it is ready!

Available by the chapter or whole, I priced it so that many can have access to this unique approach to shamanizing. I am pleased to say that I am proud of this book, and the message it contains.  You are a member of the Earth Tribes!  You have shamanic ancestry within you!  This course and book is written for YOU so you can practice!

Purchase PDF E-Book  (find .mobi and .epub versions HERE)

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Purchase E-Course- All Chapters

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small-DSC01412-190x300Thanks to all who have helped it come into being and to those who find A Tribe of One helpful!



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