Animistic Love Notes from the Earth

Coming Full Circle

On September 11 2011, 8 journeyers gathered to bring back messages from our Earth Kin.  Using divination, each journeyer picked an Earth element/aspect  and then wrote humanity a message after listening to a drum and rattles.

These are their messages…

The Sky is the limit.
Soar through the sky like an Eagle flies.
The sky offers boundless space.
Blue sky, nothing but blue sky overhead.

Father Sky above watching out for those below.
We look at Father Sky holding the space between Earth and Void Space.
Embracing the Clouds, look through the Sky to reach for the Stars.

Owl flies silently through the Sky to catch her prey, as we too can achieve what we want and need.

From Sky, through Dee

Tree of Life

Strong roots to sustain the strong branches that carry our lives.
Finding balance through the turmoil and stillness for all Animists!

From Tree, through Patricia M.

”Water” is not one big being.
”Water is a collaboration, a coming together, of millions of little beings, all who want to nourish you, and all other beings who need Us.

Do not take Us for granted, please, We are special because whether on this world or the next, You need Us!

From Water, through Quynn


Place the Sun in your belly.
Let it light your happy face.
Let it shine through the darkness.
Let it bring warmth to those who greet you.
Let it nourish the Earth.
Let it turn you into gold.

From Sun, through Dave


There are many, countless moons.  Some- one person can sit upon and cover completely this small blue Moon.  It says Listen- This place is Vast.  Human Life is short. Begin!  Seize hold!  Do your passion now!  Soon you will be gone.

Start by listening to yourself with the heart of a loving parent.
Listen for your needs and wants and give them to yourself.

Then this won’t seem an order from a mountaintop, but a nurturing joy to love yourself into ecstasy.

Anyone, no matter how hurt, can listen to themselves and take action.

From Moon, through Allison T.


We are all waves of Ocean, with Ocean inside of us (our blood, and our other body waters).
We do not need to be afraid of sea storms, crashing surf and tsunamis as long as we recognize that our skins are made of water too, and we are therefore not actually separate from each other.

We are Ocean.

From Ocean, through Alison I.


The Air carries with it the breath of life, that which we need for our survival.

Know that the Air you breathe now contains molecules that came from the Air your ancestors carried in their lungs.  And know that the Air you breathe is carried on the winds and shared with living beings from around the globe, and not just the two leggeds, the four leggeds, eight leggeds, and the no leggeds.

And know that your actions today affect the Air that will be breathed by your children, their children’s children, and their children’s children.

So we are all connected.  We put our thoughts onto the air with the sound of our words.  Be aware of those words and if they are hurtful or unhelpful, do not give life to them.  And remember that the air can lift you up and take you places, like it helps the wings to fly and experience new places and new things.
Open your heart to your new experiences and share your sky with others.

From Condor about Air, through Cindy


Situations that appear to be tense and chaotic always have a clear, soft pool below that is calm and serene. If we can become quiet enough, we can gently float down into the cool serenity and find resources within ourselves to create a harmonic situation that will provide each person with what they need.

From Clay, through Mandee

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