The Best Holiday Gift-Heal Yourself-Heal the World

siberianart2On this Christmas eve Earth Web Media would like to highlight an article written by Mike Williams Ph.D of, in The Heron Magazine, called “The Shamanic Way of Empowerment“.  This article is very clear and encompasses the themes that run through shamanic cultures.  Subjects such as Healing, Trance, Compassion, being Marginalized in the culture of origin, Suffering, the strength of drum journeying, Social Ambiguity, Soul Work, Transgendered  Shamans, and Living Gently in the World are all beautifully covered.  A Gift of Sharing in this season of Gifts.

sparkleOn this day a  magical gift-bringer and his flying reindeer prepare for their worldwide journey in one night.  This magic is a clear remnant of ancient practices that have been remembered by pre-Christian ancestors.  There are many articles stating the connections, here is just one.  Magic lives, and it is around and within us every day. We are the sacred Gift Bringers!

Blessings to you in the new Solar year, and may the Gregorian year 2014 be good to you.

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