For Mothers, and Those with Mothers

On Sunday, March 31, Performance Artist and Secretary of Earth Web Media, Sue Ellen Liss, was in Tucson from Portland, Oregon, to share her One Woman Show “Finding the Lost Spark”.  Sue Ellen’s work is the product of many years of being a mother, and then single mother, of 4 children (the oldest being Quynn Red Mountain), a retired Child Development Specialist in the Portland Public Schools, doing her own healing work, and completing a Expressive Arts Therapy Program.   ISA was happy to host her performance at Solar Culture Gallery in downtown Tucson.

With humor and well crafted stories, she depicted the life of her mother and grandmother in the midwest, her own feeling of invisibility and not fitting in, marrying (and later divorcing) a veteran with PTSD, the challenges of motherhood, and the power of Nature and the strength of her own inner Nature, to help her heal her soul wounds and find her lost spark of creativity.

After the one hour performance, Sue Ellen hosted a “Talk Back” and then a processing circle for those who wanted to stay and dive into the areas of their own life experience that the performance touched.  The circle afterwards included simple drawing, a meditative drum session to focus inward, and sharing.  The performance, and the circle, were very deep and touched people in many ways.  The play spoke to mothers, and anyone with a mother (who then had a mother, and she had a mother…), about how to understand what we come from, coming to compassion for family members, and the cards dealt to them, and most importantly, how it is never too late to experience soul healing and recover one’s Spark.

To find out more about Sue Ellen, and how to see, or host, a performance go to her website.

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