FREE Introduction to Animism-The World is Alive!

Dear YOU, the healers, mystics, transformers, blended spirits, nature lovers, pagans, artists, womyn and sacred men of this world, you are also ANIMISTS!

It is November. The week of “Thanksgiving” in the United States of America. The “Holidays” are here. There are, gratefully, so many things for which to be grateful. People around the world are in such crisis and there is so much pain, however, this pain is not new. We as a human species are playing out a story set in motion long ago. We have, for many generations, been told that we are separate from each other, from the plants, the air, the water, the stones and the Earth itself. We have been coerced to believe that we were born flawed, and that this world is a version of Hell.  Whole religions have been created to further this false belief.  It is time to remember our natural place in the sacred Web of Life.  We are not separate, from other humans, or anything else. We are kin, and during this time of gratitude it is wise to offer thanks for the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and for the Web of Life as a whole.  Without it, we cease to exist.

We, as a species. have forgotten our path, our place and our purpose. This causes so much pain for individuals, and the collective. Beyond borders, languages and cultures, we are so similar. We all need the same things.  However, at some point in the past a sickness came over some ancestral brothers and they spread it far and wide.  Now, more and more people are coming out of this sickness and remembering. We remember our place in the Web of Life. As we remember, we seek each other.  As we seek each other we regain our small but mighty Power.  We are not flawed.  We are sacred beings, even if, and when, others do not see us as such. Even if, and when, they want to silence us, we know our Truth. We belong to this beautiful, yet damaged, Earth, until we are called to our next home.  We must Remember.

In honor of all this beauty of the world, and within YOU, please accept the gift of this Introductory Information about Animism from Quynn Red Mountain, OOlah (One who Balances), Shamanic Practitioner and Animist Minister of Earth Web Media. It is called The World is Alive-Animism Remembered for our Modern World.

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Reclaim your Sacred Power. Connect with the Sacred World around you. Know that you are a needed member of the New Tribes. Thank you for being YOU.

World is Alive

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