Online Circles during Mercury Retrograde January 2016

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Mercury Retrograde Brings Us Back to What Needs to Be Remembered and Restored

Drum Journey Circles with Quynn Red Mountain


Some definitions:
Retrograde (astrology)

From Astrology Weekly

An apparent backward motion in the Zodiac of certain planets when decreasing in longitude as viewed from the Earth. It can be compared to the effect of a slow-moving train as viewed from another train traveling parallel to it but at a more rapid rate, wherein the slower train appears to be moving backwards. However, in the case of the celestial bodies it is not a matter of their actual speed or travel, but of the rate at which they change their angular relationship.

Retrograde (music)

A musical line which is the reverse of a previously or simultaneously stated line is said to be its retrograde or cancrizans (“walking backward”, medieval Latin, from cancer, crab). An exact retrograde includes both the pitches and rhythms in reverse.


Mercury Retrograde gets a bad reputation for messing with things. Life can be challenging during a time of Mercury Retrograde, but what if those challenges are lifelines to personal and collective Soul Wounds? If this is so, then Mercury Retrogrades are times of sacred witnessing.

Over the years, my attitude about those periods in the year when Mercury goes “retrograde” has significantly shifted.  I would like to share my personal approach to engaging with this energy that comes a few times a year…

I notice my interactions, relationships, feelings and reactions much more closely than other times. I have begun to notice that areas in which I have Mercury Retro trouble, they are areas in which I have had blocks or struggle in the past.  The Retrograde accentuates what is under the surface. When I feel resistance, regret, or recoil that doesn’t feel good, I remember (as soon as I can) to pause, breathe, and attempt to reassess the experience, and respectively, my reactionary feelings.  I am not an expert at this practice, but I practice…even when I don’t want to.  I see the power of healing Soul Wounds every day, around and within me.  As someone just reminded me “That which we resist, persists.” When we stop fighting, we start to feel.

So! Mercury is Retrograde January 5-25 2016. Something we can all do is to actively and lovingly observe ourselves for experiences, interactions and beliefs that feel reactive, and resistant.  My personal belief is that as these areas are restored within our sacred selves, our mirrored world can shift, so it doesn’t have to get glitchy, and irritable and broken.

We notice the worlds within us in relation to the worlds around us. We breathe. We do what we can do. We stay calm and centered, even when challenged. We share Gratitude with the Web of Life around us. We notice what has shifted. Repeat.


Want to practice with me? I will be offering two online drum journey circles that address the many ways in which Mercury Retrograde instructs and guides us.

Monday, January 11 @ 6pm MST

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Sunday, January 24 @ 6pm MST

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For three weeks we get to actively practice taking care of ourselves, while compassionately being in the world. We each practice this every day. Each of us. Every one of us. Enjoy!!!!


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