Imagination Power and the Shamanic Journey

soul restoration ceremony

This morning I (Quynn) received an email from someone who had participated in a recent Soul Retrieval webinar and the recorded audio afterwards.  She wrote to me after listening to the recorded webinar-


I want to say thank you Quynn. I just listened to the soul retrieval recording and journaled about my findings. It is so much of what I’ve been thinking and feeling that was knotted and this allowed the knot to unravel. I am so grateful and appreciative. The only part of the process that caused some momentary pause/distraction was when I would hear the word “imagination” but only because “it’s in your imagination” was used as a negative in some parts of my life. I got over it before the drumbeats started. Thank you for that too.


and my response-


Wonderful to hear! I use the word “imagination” exactly for that reason. So many of us have been discounted by being told what you were told.
This is damaging in two ways-
1) when we have intuitions, knowings, visions etc, we have been told it is nothing “real”, as in “imagination”- which has made us doubt our own knowing.  It is time to reclaim these gifts and honor them.
2) this kind of belief/statement discounts the POWER of that part of us that “imagines”.  This is the part of us that invents, creates and channels Power in many forms (inventions, creativity, art, music, new ideas etc).  Each time we listen to our “Imagination”, the stronger our abilities become. Honor yourself and your Gifts! 
The first step for Soul Restoration is to be able to Imagine that things could be different for us. The Power to Imagine CHANGE!
So, there are many ways to continue- this work is practice, practice, practice!

When you feel called, there are multiple options, both live and pre-recorded, to provide you more opportunities to journey within and connect with your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and the Nature Spirits around you.


It is time to reclaim the belief in, and the power of, our IMAGINATION!  The next time you receive a message in your energetic body, mind, emotional body or in a vision, practice encouraging, rather than discounting, what you receive.  Our Imagination is a gift from Spirit, and it is REAL!

The ONLINE LEARNING page offers multiple options for imagination reclamation and shamanic journeying!  Online Journey Club, Live Online Shamanic Journey Circles, Shamanic Webinars, E-Courses and ala cart Shamanic Journeys and Workshops await you!   Personal Sessions are also available-

q desert 8Blessings to you and your Sacred Path!

Quynn Red Mountain

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