Animist Rising

Online Animist Training with Quynn Red Mountain

Understand and navigate your Inner Worlds for healing and understanding your natural gifts, at your own pace, in your own place!
All E-Courses are created by OOlah-“One Who Balances” who is a Spirit Bridge Practitioner (which is similar to a Shamanic Practitioner) and Animist Minister, Quynn Red Mountain. 
After 15 years of hosting live circles, workshops and trainings (mostly in Tucson, AZ) Quynn has a growing number of recorded workshops to share with you.  Each audio workshop is recorded by Quynn, in her own voice and these courses have been created to help you access your Inner Teachers in a high learning environment.  Quynn speaks to YOU.  She shares her knowledge and journey ideas with you, she drums and rattles for you as you enter your inner world for personal healing, spiritual expansion, and shamanic training.   Quynn wants you to progress in your life using animist practices, and she is here to help you do it!
 If you are interested in diving deep into your Animist education and healing path, start here! The following E-courses (all together called Animist Rising) are your first step down the path of working with Quynn and Full Circle-Urban Animism.
Beginning the Journey-Intro to Intuitive *Shamanic Animism
A Tribe of One
Explore your Spirit World E-Course
Your Healing Tools E-Course
Soul Restoration Healing E-Course
Weaving Well through Illness E-Course
An Introduction to Animist Rising with Quynn Red Mountain

Are you new to Quynn and this path? You are welcome to listen to any journey or workshop in our Store one by one at your own pace. Completing the above courses (at your own pace) is the perfect pre=requisite for enrolling in the Animist Soul Medic Training, Spirit Bridge Personal and Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training and/or the Animist Minister Ordainment Program. Reach out to Quynn with any questions about furthering your training with Web of Life Animist church. 
The purpose of these courses is to help each journeyer connect with their inner world, in their own unique way, for guidance , healing and information needed most at the time.  The information that is shared in each E-Course can be used for multiple journeys later, as well as journal writing sessions about the subject presented.
  • Each experiential E-Course consists of media files (audio, video, PDF/text), including a varying number of 1 hour Audio Workshops to go deeply into each subject area- with opportunities to journey to Quynn’s drum! Workshops were recorded in a circle setting, with shares of participants edited out. 
  • Each workshop is between 40 and 75 minutes long, beginning with an introduction to the subject of the circle.  In addition to helpful information shared about the subject, there are two shamanic drum journeys with Quynn about varying aspects of the subject area.   Some workshops include a guided meditation. 
  • FOR LIVE  ONLINE JOURNEY CIRCLES See our event calendar for available circles with Quynn

*Regarding the word “shamanism/Shaman/Shamanic being used in these courses:

*A Tribe of One was written in 2004 and re-edited in 2013. The audio journeys and workshops that make up the course were recorded between 2006 and 2016. Quynn used these words more often and in broader contexts back then, and with the current important discussion about cultural appropriation of words, Quynn has been changing the language in her own work, as well as in the content presented by Web of Life Animist church. Please forgive the use of the word in this course. In the next edit it will be changed.  If you are new to this site and this work, the word “shamanism” probably brought you here, good! Please consider adjusting your language as well.  During your study with Web of Life and Quynn, there will be many opportunities to examine cultural appropriation and authentic spirituality.

Animist Rising-An Introduction to Full Circle Animism

The Multimedia E Courses included in Animist Rising:

Beginning the Journey-Intro to Intuitive *Shamanic Animism

A Tribe of One-Accessing your “Shamanic”* Self

Explore your Spirit World E-Course

Your Healing Tools E-Course

Soul Restoration Healing E-Course

Weaving Well through Illness E-Course

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 The consistent rhythm part the veil between the daily and dreaming parts of our mind, opening a portal to an inner landscape that is always there for you.  While “there”, you can ask for information and guidance from Spirit Guides about your question or intention.

These are experiential workshops that are best utilized when listened to at one time, so try to set aside the allotted time to relax , listen and journey.  Some are designed for journeying beginners, while others assume that you have journeyed before.  Look at the Online Learning page for journeying advice and audio tips.
These workshop segments were recorded in different places, with different drums over a period of years. While there may be some variation in sound, once you settle in to the experience, Quynn’s drum and voice come through strongly.

1) You must be able to watch videos on your device
2) You must be able to download zip files
3) You must be able to play the downloaded audio files on your device of choice (headphones recommended)
4) You must be able to read the .pdf chapters on your device
Due to the fact that the downloads are sent to you upon purchase, All sales are final. No refunds given due to System Requirement issues.

PLEASE NOTE: Quynn is not a licensed counselor or therapist, and her workshops and courses should not replace professional mental, emotional or physical attention.

q desert 5If you feel a personal session with Quynn would be helpful in understanding or incorporating thoughts and/or feelings that arise during any of these Courses, find out more information HERE.