Goodbye 2020 Thank You All

Goodbye to 2020. Hi, Quynn here.

Thank you all.
2020 has been many things, a challenging, teaching, sacrificing, pivoting, isolating and initiating year of immense Change. Yet, such is life sometimes, and we are in the dark winter of such a time.

Too many have gone to the Spirit World, including two Web of Life Ministers (Julie and Dee), and those of us still here have been learning and feeling so much. This year Web of Life let go of our physical space but we quickly transitioned all events online.

Thanks to you who helped us move out and are holding sacred items in your space now. Thanks to all practitioners and ministers who were brave and hosted (many still host) online circles offered to this community. Thank you to all who have stayed connected, and started a connection, during this time in all the ways you have. Thank you to all who have attended circles in zoom and to those who have visited, and purchased workshops and courses at our website. Thank you to all the amazing people who have been, or are now in, trainings for Animist Ministry, Spirit Bridge Practitionership, and Personal Development in 2020! A big thank you to all who have shown up for personal sessions this year, in person before Covid, and virtually since then…it is an honor to work with you. Thank you to all who have shared donations in all the ways you have! Thank you for the support, kind words and love you have shown for this community we call Web of Life Animists.

After 20 years it grows because of each, and all, of you. For anyone who has not yet connected, but have been thinking about it…the virtual door is always open. As soon as it is safe we will be able to offer personal sessions in person at our work in progress space at The Hive, thank you Steve Eye of Solar Culture Gallery for saving the day one more time. We also will be hosting, when it is safe, meandering luminous “Labyrinth” walks that are adapted for our new Covid world…oh how we look forward to that!

Thank you to Jacob and Elisabeth for going thru it all together. Thank you momma, for everything. Thanks to Ray for coming back to Tucson. Thank you land we call Tucson now, traditional land of the Tohono O’odham and home to Yaqui People. We are grateful to be here.

Much love to all who are hurting from deep loss. We miss seeing you, your smile, being in physical space with you, and we look forward to creating the new era of Web of Life Animist church together.

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