12 week Personal Coaching Program with Quynn

The new year is a perfect time to deepen and expand what is most important to you!

To support members of her/their community, in 2021 Quynn Red Mountain offers a 3 month coaching collaboration program to focus on what you need now (begin anytime!). 12 weeks, 90 days to Heal, Refine, Manifest and Expand with Quynn in a Private Setting to Expand your Intuitive Abilities, Focus your Spiritual Practice, Tune in to what your Guides want from You and Deepen your Trust in your sacred Path.

As the Animist Minister of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist church, I offer these mentorships in service to the Animist community. I look at “mentoring” as “collaborative coaching”.  Sometimes we need the synergy of “we” to focus and expand our energies.  I am offering this  program to be a sacred “we” with a few people who are ready to take another step deeper into themselves.  I bring my experience, idea manifestation and personal healing to the mix.  My spirit guides are the ones who directed me to be available in this way.  They, along with your guides, will be a powerful team for YOU!~

Quynn Red Mountain

~Receive Support for Creating Something New in your Life
~Expand your Abilities in a Focused Way
~Chart your Healing/Spiritual/Creativity Course with Guidance
~Share Collaborative Energy with Quynn, her Guides with You, and your Guides

All bodies, genders, spiritual ways are welcome in this sacred circle with Quynn (they/she)

Sliding scale available during these challenging times. There is no more perfect time to listen more deeply, with the collaboration and guidance of your guides, Quynn, and their guides.

6 biweekly personal sessions, plus so much more! See all info in the listing below.

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