Welcome Home. We All Belong.

We all need Love, Connection, Healing and Community. This year, and pandemic, has been so alienating, isolating and frustrating. Emotions, for real reasons, have been high, and honestly, dangerous. Most people have lost much. Through all of it, we are all still human, the same family, and we need the same things. Even if, and when, we fight, we must agree that We All Belong here on Earth. Even if, and when, we “hate” each other, we must remember this Truth. We All Belong. When we do not, we create disastrous results.

This is a lesson that we humans are trying to learn. Recent days, months, years and generations have been trying to teach us that one group of people is not inherently better than another (including Humans being better than all Others). If we are to be able to maneuver our way through this time of significant challenge on many important fronts, we must find ways to focus on enhancing our similarities and weave our way through our differences. How in the world do we do this? We need to figure it out as we go. Everything depends on our ability to agree that We All Belong, especially when we would prefer to disagree on this important point. This is the work in the big picture.

In the small picture, our work now is to tend our personal and ancestral traumas, as well as renegotiate and/or end relationships with others who do not treat us as if We Belong. We must remember that all need Love and Community (including each of us). This is a core understanding for Animist friends of the Web of Life Church community. We all need Love, Connection, Healing and Community. Wherever you have been, however long you have been gone, whatever has happened before, we can start anew to heal, connect, remember our gifts, and feel a sense of meaningful purpose that is helpful to the Earth and all who live here. The Earth is our Body. Our Body is the Earth. Welcome Home. We All Belong.

May we all do this sacred work together, and separately,

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Many blessings for this next era,
Quynn Red Mountain

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