Honoring the Mother of us All

FULL CIRCLEMother’s Day can be beautiful, and difficult. If your relationship with mother, or as mother, is challenging or estranged, this day can bring up unresolved feelings.  If your mother, or child, has passed from this world, Mother’s Day can cause sadness, or touch a wound yet unhealed.  Blessings to all who are in the process of healing our relationship with MOTHER.

Even if you are not a mother, we are all children, of our human mother, and the mother of all mothers.  Every moment we all are offered a beautiful opportunity to remember the sacredness of the Sacred Mother within.

The Mother Goddess comes in many forms, and is called by many names in many languages. The Great Mother who feeds us is our Beautiful Mother Earth.  On this day of honoring Sacred Mother energy, maybe make an altar or an offering to your relationship (wherever it is now) with your human mother, as well as to the Great Mother, who can help you with anything you might be healing, wondering, or understanding.   Offer thanks for all that has been shared with you, and ask for assistance in healing from troubling soul wounds acquired due to any mother relationship you may have (as a mother, or as a child).  We have access to so many beautiful mothers in our DNA ancestry, and we can call upon all of them for assistance, strength and insight.


For a light version of mother energy, here is an upbeat storytelling from the perspective of The Mother of Time, written and recorded by Quynn.

Enjoy your relationships, even when they feel challenging.  All can change and be soothed with time and attention. Blessings for the Great Mother!


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