Join in a LIVE ONLINE Shamanic Journey Circle

DSC01334If you want to explore your spirit world, yet coming to a circle is not possible or desired, now you have another option~ Online Shamanic Journey Circles with Quynn. While in the comfort of your own home, or any safe place to relax, you can go within for spirit guide connection to Quynn’s drumbeat and words.  Participate live with Quynn to share your experiences and get feedback, and/or listen when you can.  Either way, these circles offer anyone an opportunity to practice, explore and reconnect with the shamanic journey!

Join LIVE~ Each Thursday at 10am MST



~Each circle is approximately 45 minutes
~Quynn drums for you twice, regarding two different intentions
~Each week has a focus for the journeys
~Each circle is only $5, and FREE for members of the Web of Life Audio Journey Club (are you a member yet?! ONly $10 a month Learn more)


This circle begins Thursday, May 14 ~ Audio Recordings of Circles are listed in on Fridays

Learn more, and sign up, HERE!

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