January Journeys and Snake Power

Each January the numbers of people who are interested in attending ISA’s weekly shamanic journey circle swell.  Maybe it is a New Year’s Resolution, but it feels like people are interested in getting information that is helpful in their New Year’s course plotting.

Yesterday was no exception.  A full room, packed with experienced journeyers, and some people who had never journeyed before.  Two journeys later it felt that deep and meaningful (and surprising) experiences came with the drumbeats.  One of the journeyers passed on an email afterwards, telling about her experience with Snake.  With her permission, it is shared here. It is helpful to hear other people’s journeys and sometimes the message that comes to one person is perfectly helpful to another.  The journeyer hopes that her experience shared may help someone else.

One background note- the journeyers father recently passed from this life.

I had a dream about 3 weeks ago that I’ve been hesitant to work with because it was scary; in the dream I was trapped in like a virtual-reality kind of game or something trapped in my mind in a boundary place and couldn’t go back or forward. So my journey intention was to find out what that dream meant, to go back into the dream with an animal guide, Snake is who came, and here is my journey:

Snake was on the little beach area and said I am here, come with me. I got out of the water to follow and suddenly we are in a tunnel underground, a tunnel I didn’t know was here before, and as we made our way down the tunnel I asked “is this my ‘trapped’ dream?” And Snake replied yes. I said “I thought so because I am afraid.” Snake said don’t be afraid, I am strong for you, you are safe here with me. I saw we had somehow reached the boundary area where I was trapped in the dream. I felt so confused. Snake then sent me these thoughts: this boundary? It is nothing but your fear. You were trapped in the dream because you don’t know what to do – you feel you can no longer live ‘only’ in the safe world of your everyday life; but you felt pulled apart on the other side of the barrier, that is your spiritual side, you felt pulled apart there because you are not trusting yourself with your ability to merge the two – your safe, everyday life and your spiritual life. For a little while you’ve been able to keep the two separate – but you know you can’t do that anymore, so let the fear become the bridge – you are the bridge – you are the bridge between the safe, everyday and the spiritual and yes it can be scary and uncomfortable but it’s time to bring the two together. You have just begun to glimpse this, but the death of your father has freed you to truly embrace this path you are on and you will be a bridge for not only yourself, but for others as well, a bridge between the everyday world and the spiritual world. then i heard the callback said goodbye etc. (end of journey) who knew snakes had so much to say huh.  I am so thankful for being able to be a part of this group.

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