Ministry of Whimsy

WHIMSY- “sudden turn or inclination of the mind” first recorded 1690s-

“Whim” or “whimsy” is a sophisticated (in its purity and innocence) form of humor. In fact, the word “humor” used to relate only to bodily fluids-the humors, until whim was introduced.

The original sense was ‘bodily fluid’ (surviving in aqueous humor and vitreous humor, fluids in the eyeball); it was used specifically for any of the cardinal humors (sense 3 of the noun), whence ‘mental disposition’ (thought to be caused by the relative proportions of the humors). This led, in the 17th century, to the senses ‘state of mind, mood’ (sense 2 of the noun) and ‘whim, fancy,’ hence to humor someone ‘to indulge a person’s whim. (From Online Etymology.)


“What does it take to make a Whimsy Parade?!”

Downtown Saturday night in January…Tucson, AZ
Three Whimsical Beings dressed up in Whimsical Attire (with Steampunk overtones)
To engage, to enjoy, to entertain…others and themselves
Photos taken,
Smiles shared,
Drums called,
Bubbles blown.
Most important lesson learned of the evening…
Youngest and Older all love Bubbles! 
“Buuubbbbllllesss!” Squeals and Little Protected Smiles float All Around.
and then there is Beer:) for the end of an uplifting night.

Every month for Second Saturday Downtown Tucson, the Institute for the Shamanic Arts hosts a Whimsy Parade.  You can join us!  find out more here.

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