Reclaiming Space-The Power of the Shamanic Journey

Greetings Friends, Quynn here-

I would like to share some winding thoughts about what is often called the “shamanic journey“. 

Each week I sit in circle with people and we listen to the drum with the Power of Intention.  So many amazing tales have been shared.  I am grateful that I will be able to share so many more~

We all stumble around in the worlds that are beyond the veil during dreams, visions, and “episodes” of intense imagination.  As vast as the world is around us…and the worlds beyond that… our worlds within are as profound and encompassing.   These worlds have been beaten down in our minds into “imaginary” “evil” and “crazy”, but they, and we, are quickly reconnected with a heartbeat and a drumbeat.

Healing, Remembering and Reclaiming our Space, and our Souls, this is why we open to listen to that which is right here, and yet beyond.  Rhythm, and the vibration of intention, are the key, and the puzzle, to unfold.

eggThe Power of the Journey Within, this is the Power we seek. Not “Power OVER” but “Power TO”…the Power to be authentic, the Power to be healed from soul wounds, and the Power to feel at one with the world.


A member of the Web of Life Audio Journey Club recently shared a meaningful journey from the “Cave of Wisdom” Journey, and I would like to share with you (with her permission) because it is an archetypal tale that applies to all of us
Your Cave of Wisdom Journey (12/12)

“In the cave was an egg. I cracked it open and a powerful red cape with a yellow lining came out. It was filled with a vibrant energy. I put it on. I took the lead and began climbing a thick rope like vine to the top of the cave with my guide following . We came out of the cave on top of a high hill. I could see all around. The guide said all that I could see is mine. I thought well what am I to do with it? The first thing that came to mind is that all living beings will be safe here. They will be safe and respected. Then I thought I don’t want to be alone. I want like minded companions. I sent my guide out to find them and bring them back. Then I transported to my home and found children playing and when they saw me they danced and sang in a circle around me.
In this journey I saw that i have a domain to rule. I don’t rule the World but I do need to rule My world. All that I could see was my world. The Cape represents my power. The children represent my gifts. This is a new beginning. I own my power and shape my world.”

Each new understanding, aha moment, and overwhelming feeling of resonance during our journeys brings us closer to our Soul’s Truth, as well as our sacred Animist heritage.

Journey with me,

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Quynn Red Mountain

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