New Web of Life Animist Ministers are Ordained

On April 27, 2019 Nine people were ordained as Web of Life Animist Ministers in Tucson Arizona! 7 for the first time and 2 decided to reaffirm their experience by going through a second time (they were both in the first round of minister training in 2014-2015). It is an honor to have worked with these amazing 8 women and 1 man for the last year!

Each ministry (Nature of Service) is unique, and yet all serve their communities and the Earth. For the ordination ceremony each Minister shared something of their ministry with the public audience. All presentations reflected the minister and what was most important for them at this time in their life. Such wise words by all, thank you!

Ministers are in Tucson, Portland Oregon and Sonora, Mexico. We look forward to collaborations that strengthen the Web of Life and enhance the ways in which Animists can support their communities. They advocate for the Earth and her Peoples in a variety of important ways, now and in the years to come!

Welcome to our new Ministers:
Phil, Dorothea, Mari, Sue Ellen, Sharia, Julie, Debbie

and our two Returning Ministers:
Dee and Elisabeth

You bring honor to Web of Life Animist Church and Sanctuary!

The morning after this ceremony some ministers shared their reflections regarding the following:
What would you tell someone who is searching to find a place for themselves-Here are their messages:

For the one who is seeking their path.
The experience of Animism opens doors to all paths. There is no quadrant that remains closed as you become aware of the life that is all around you with all their stories and experiences to share. The knowledge that is available to you through the beings in all forms will take you back to that place of rememberance of that which you came in with but may have forgotten over time.

Animism affirms our connection to the entire universe. We are, each of us, an indispensable molecule in the whole of life. Life is the energy that propels and sustains all that is. By our very existence we are love and we are loved. I am the only authority in my life, and, I am only the authority in my life.

You are not alone. You have a huge potential to contact with your inner self. Trust in you. Be aware of the wonderful possibilities that you have. This is your moment and it is perfect! The answer is within you. You just need to open the door to your soul. You will be surprised how wonderful you are.

Follow your heart. Trust yourself and your process. You are perfect just as you are in this very moment and everything is unfolding in perfect timing.

If you are searching for your calling in life and looking for how to express your gifts in the world, Quynn Red Mountain at Web of Life is the teacher and guide who can help you find your way.

Here are photos of each presentation on the eve of our ceremony.

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