Spirit Bridge Training Reflections

written by Quynn Red Mountain

April 21 2019 was the final meeting of a yearlong training program called Spirit Bridge-Ancestral and Personal Healing Practitioner Program. We gathered in person in Tucson, AZ and included online participants in Oregon, Ontario and Florida.

This training is designed to provide a safe space for intuitive people to listen to, and practice, their unique and ancestor given abilities of knowing, empathy, inner sight and intuition. The program asks each participant to remember how to trust one’s own gifts, and look at areas of personal healing, so they can honor their ancestors as they find and create ways to share these gifts with their communities, human and beyond.

After 20 years of holding space for people, I understand (and I tell any student I have) that 1 year does not a practitioner make. However, I have endeavored to share what I have learned over the years with participants, and offered opportunities for each person to feel the wisdom that naturally comes through them, so they have the confidence to trust themselves. These times need more skilled and confident practitioners of many modalities who are willing and able to help others along in their soul restoration, through personal and ancestral healing, and passing along the simple message in their own ways “Being an intuitive person does not mean you are crazy”. So many people receive this message directly and indirectly, and it has caused many with the potential to be helpful people in their communities to hide their true self, even from themselves. Our Animist ancestors, and the Earth, need us to remember and heal these wounds of many generations so that we can be strong in ways we need to be strong NOW.

I asked each person who was able to attend our final meeting to bring a written statement to read about what this year has meant to them, and/or what their ancestors want them to share. The following segment is a flow of voices of these beautiful people, and what they wanted us all to know.

The next Spirit Bridge training program begins on Saturday, May 4. If you feel called, wherever you live, you are invited to participate and listen to what wants to come through you!

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