Animist Practitioner, Minister and Personal Training Opportunities begin May 2019

Earth honoring Friends and Allies,

Quynn Red Mountain here- I am excited to introduce and describe three trainings that begin the first weekend of May. First, a bit of background-

Over 20 years ago when I was called to explore my calling by Spirit to walk this path, I was taught by downloads from my guides and ancestors, reading books, and getting tips/ideas from other humans.  Over the last 19 years I have been blessed to hold space for many people as they figure out how to let go of beliefs that make them doubt themselves, and accept their natural gifts, for their own wellness, and for the benefit of others.

In the early days I called these trainings “Shamanic” because that was the commonly used term at the time and it seemed (still does) that this is what many people wanted. However, over the last few years an awareness about words, and cultural appropriation, has been brought to the surface, and I am glad for it. Animism is the word I am moving towards using now.

Animism is the reality that we are all an equal part in the Sacred Web of Life, and we are in communication with all the other “Peoples” besides Humans. The Stones are People, as is the Wind, and Water, and 4 leggeds, Winged ones, No leggeds, “Plants” and “Trees”.  Also that we are in communication with the Ones who are not in physical bodies, including our Ancestors. We are at an important time in our Remembering, that we are a naturally a part of Everything, and therefore we can feel, hear, and see aspects of reality that we have been taught are not “real”.  The Tree People talk, as does Grandfather Fire, and every Person who once lived in physical form. We are connected through time and space, and it is high time that we relearn the skills to perceive and appropriately respond to the messages that are flowing to and around us all the time.

* Please forgive the use of the word “shamanic” here. It is used as a search word to help you find this work. Once you are here, we use “Animist” and other words to describe the role of healing practitioner.  Thank you.

“All People, of all ethnic backgrounds, have ancestors who, at one point in the past, knew the ways of Earth and understood the ways of Magic.  Each person has these ancestors in their DNA, and you can call upon them and ask them to whisper to you, to tell you what to do in these times.”  Told to Quynn (in her head) by a Rock Grandfather in 2000.

So much trauma has occurred on all continents and in all spaces, that the time is now for us to dive in to our personal and ancestral healing so that we are more able to renew the web of wisdom in our communities, and advocate for Earth and her People. Our Human pain is mirrored in the pain we are causing other Beings (in the forms of animals, plants, air, water and all others) who live here too. You are important in this remembering.

The magical nature of our world has never stopped.
As a culture, we have been taught to stop listening.
The Animist Healing and Magical Arts can help us remember how to listen again,
and explore ways to co-create ecstasy for the healing of this Earth.
As we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth.
As we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves.

“Our Communities, Cultures and Earth need more Earth Honoring People and Practitioners who are ready to assist in the healing that is calling to us.”

Full Circle Animism- We practice the tools that consistently show themselves in Earth honoring cultures, including: honoring the sacred circle, activating trance with a consistent rhythm, dreaming, honoring the Earth and Sky cycles, elements and directions in Nature, intuition, trance, soul restoration, ritual, interaction with spirit world, ceremony, divination, storytelling, connecting with animal and plant allies, blessings/prayers, dance and sacred singing.  Each person consults their own Spirit Guides about how to practice these arts.

This path is for all Humans, but especially for anyone who is the first generation in their family (after numerous generations of silence/denial) who openly seeks animistic understanding to heal their soul wounds, and to feel their connection with the Sacred Web of Life.  It is understood that the Spirit World teaches and guides each person in their healing, and each Animist in their sacred art. In these times we are called to remember what our ancestors knew, and then find new ways “to do things” from our reviving animist hearts. In this time, we are coming “full circle”.

Please read our “Statement of Beliefs” for more details.

Generally speaking, there are two ways that people are called to learn their healing path-

1) They apprentice to human teachers

2) They are taught by the Spirit World itself, the trees, the water, animal guides and ancestors who have passed on to the Spirit World.

It is understood that most paths include aspects of both ways.

In the realm of Full Circle Animist Training, it is the person’s Spirit Helpers and Ancestors who teach them their craft.  Quynn has been taught in this way. Her Spirit World has guided her each step and shown her what she needs to do. 

There is an important role for human teachers, however, which is to ‘turn people on’ to new ideas, share ahah! moments and help them connect the dots.  A Tour Guide of the Soul and Inner Wilderness is sometimes needed when the initiate is unfamiliar with the territory.  This is Quynn’s role now. She sets up these situations and sacred places (called “Trainings”) for people to practice, ask within, and connect with others of like mind and heart, as they travel along their Animist path.

We are committed to offering affordable and useful training sessions that can assist each participant connect more deeply with their Spirit World, their sacred abilities, and their healed, creative spirit!  

If you are Called, and you Listen, You will be Guided.

For those who are actively on their healing path, and who feel called and ready to help others find their way, we are proud to offer the following training series, all to begin in early May of 2019.

The timing of these trainings is in 2 hour segments, one or two times a month. They are offered this way so participants have the option to join online, and in person in Tucson, AZ.

Please Note- Each training has a sliding scale available, with monthly payments available. These amounts create a statement of value, and there are options for people who feel called, yet do not have access to lowest amount listed. Please reach out to Quynn about available partial/full scholarships and work trades and include your skill set available for trade.

DNA Warriors-Personal Sovereignty Training

Our Personal Sovereignty Supports our Remembering. 
Sovereignty is the full right and power to govern oneself without any interference from outside sources or bodies.  Remembering how to be “sovereign” allows us to be in relationship with our Animist ancestors.

The time is Now to heal, and we are here together to heal ourselves by tending our ancestors in a way that they have not been tended in much too long.  Urban Animism is accessible to all who feel connected to the Web of Life in its infinite expressions of beauty, and who live in modern times with colonized minds and tech-ed brains. Remember how to stand in your Truth and Free your Ancestors from the bonds of untended Trauma. In order to move through this troublesome era and create/remember our path forward as participants in the Sacred Web of Life, we must do this work.

Next 6 month training begins Sunday, May 5, 2019

Spirit Bridge-Personal and Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training

Spirit Bridge is the title I am now using for People who complete this Practitioner Training with me.  I feel that the title is descriptive of the Role of Practitioner. We are a Bridge between the Physical and Non-Physical entities of this world and beyond.  In the Web of Life Tradition, to be a Spirit Bridge means that One is able to tend their own person and ancestral soul wounds in a humble and purposeful way, as to become as clear a channel as is possible in the moment on behalf of their community. We need many more people to be skilled in these arts so we can more effectively approach the pains that are causing Human People to wreak havoc on all the other Peoples of the Earth.  This training is my small way of assisting in this endeavor.

I am not attached to creating cookie cutter copies of me and my gifts. On the contrary, my purpose is to hold space for each practitioner in training to listen within and be guided regarding what is wanted of them.  Each person with intuitive abilities has their own calling, my job is to help them listen to it.  Most traditions teach a cosmology and a “way” for the person to fit into the system of healing designed by the culture.  Being a person of no particular culture, I have been guided (by the voices in my head) to focus on the themes that run through all cultures, and help each person bring to the surface what is already inside.  I feel that if someone is called to be a Practitioner/”Healer”/Soul Tender, they already have what they need inside.

Next 12 month training program begins in May 4, 2019

Web of Life Animist Minister Ordainment Program 

In this program you are encouraged to honor your natural gifts and interests, so you can hone your unique recipe of Animist beauty in, and for, the communities in which you live. There is much we can do in service of raising consciousness within our circles, and communities, when it is a part of our Nature of Service (another way to say “Ministry”), within the legal and protected construct of a “church”.   This program will help you formulate your role in the community as you see yourself, or as you feel called. It is designed to be a combination of a sacred support group, soul healing training tool, and self directed coaching program, as you create your role of “minister”, a legally recognized, and very special, vocation (even if you put out a “shingle” as a minister).

All who complete this program will be legally ordained as an Animist Minister.

The next 12 month training program will begin in May 5, 2019

Testimonials from past Trainings:

“I learned to be in touch with Mother Nature in a deep way. I feel the Spirit world closer with an open heart and eyes to see more than this reality. I considered it difficult at the beginning but now I can open the door to this reality and ask for advice and guidance. I now acknowledge Life in its cycles of love and growing for all life, human, plants, animals, rocks and stars. “

“The Practitioner Training series helped me to string together the pieces in my life that I now better perceive as Gifts, and provided the space to explore them.  Due to this series I feel more confident in my ability to connect with my Spirit Guides and am ambitious to continue exploring the lessons that the Spirits hold for me.”

“Last year’s practitioner training with Quynn gave me a tremendous amount of guidance, and many new opportunities have arisen this year because of this experience.  I feel such a great and happy debt of gratitude to the practitioner training for my ability now to so confidently guide others with words, drum, and sacred presence. I feel that I benefited from the practical aspects and practice opportunities of ISA’s practitioner training, and also from the encouragement—and nudging!—both seen and unseen that was offered (and received). Also, I feel so happy and inspired to continue developing in this work, and I highly recommend this practitioner training and the work of Quynn to others. May many benefit!”

IMG_2213-3 small

Your guide is Quynn Red Mountain, OOlah (One Who Balances), founder of Intuitive Shamanic Animists, Animist Minister, author and media producer. Quynn was called to this path in 1996 and has worked with many people in individual and group settings.

“Quynn, as always, conjures an outstanding circle. The energy channeled through her drumming touches people, myself included, and provides safety that is heard and felt in all the connected worlds.”

“I learned much by simply observing and experiencing Quynn’s very skilled circle facilitation during the training. She demonstrates a certain fearlessness that cuts through, as well as her own deep honesty and presence—all of which makes her highly effective as a facilitator and trainer.”

In closing, I share this-

 I have seen over the years that it is rather scary for people to admit to, and give in to, their intuitive gifts.  People are drawn, yet hesitant and often times filled with self-doubt about stepping into their calling. I call to those who know it is time, and yet are trying to deny it. “I will do it later” “Who am I to do this?” “There are so many reasons why not” “I don’t have the money”…  I hear these reasons every year.  So, if you feel the pull in your gut to reach out, please do.  If you have concerns or worry, please really look at them… why are you resisting your authentic self? The world, your community, and your descendants (even if you do not have children) need you and your natural abilities. Ultimately, I do not care if you participate in my trainings, just that you give in to learning about your gifts!

Many blessings of safety and wellness to you,


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