Web of Life Ministers offer Holistic Fair in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

On March 16, 2019 three Web of Life Animist Ministers traveled to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico and offered the third annual Holistic Health Fair for the community.

Mari Carmen and Parson Bob facilitated this daylong experience and invited many practitioners in San Carlos to participate. Phillip offered energy healing sessions, a beach ceremony, and a well received talk.

Mari Carmen said about the fair:
“It was a big success! Many people came and everybody was feeling the good energy. This year was bigger than last year. We could see laughing and brotherhood all over the place, sharing their interests to heal, and find answers in the spirit realm.
Phil made a great impact in our community, he had full day of sessions on Monday after the fair. People are still asking if he would come back to San Carlos to offer more sessions.
The ceremony on the beach was awesome Phil and Bob did a great job. Bob was smudging the people as they arrived and Phil blessed the mountain and the ocean making us aware of our rebirth to the light.
We could see how people want more of these gatherings to share, learn and drum!”

Congratulations on a wonderful success and activating healing in your community!

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