Our Path of the Labyrinth

The Path of the Labyrinth is a winding one.
There are great and simple teachings in a Labyrinth.
There are no Tricks, yet it is always possible to lose our way, and then find it again.
Rocky Valley Labyrinth

There is a difference between a Maze (dead ends) and a Labyrinth (no dead ends).  The term labyrinth came to be applied to any unicursal maze, whether of a particular circular shape (illustration) or rendered as square. At the center, a decisive turn brings us out again.  Labyrinths come in many shapes and patterns.  They show up all over this Earth (and maybe beyond). The word “Labyrinth” is a Minoan word (pre-Greek).  The Greek tale of Minos and the Minotaur actually is about a Maze, not a Labyrinth.  The Labyrinth is much older than Greek culture.


Labyrinths show up in ancient Arizona, in Sweden and other pre-Christian European sites, India and Egypt.  Many believe that walking a labyrinth is a pilgrimage within the soul, and that the space becomes a portal between worlds.  If you would like to know more about Labyrinths, put the word in a search engine, you will find many articles and images of many different designs.

This post is about ISA’s path of the Labyrinth.  The Institute for the Shamanic Arts has offered Labyrinth walks since 2005, when our Labyrinth maker (Jacob) began to draw them in the dirt.  Since then we have drawn and painted them on the ground, used ropes and pine cones on grass and concrete. For the last few years we have hosted a Labyrinth walk on Full Moons and Equinoxes.  Every moon, outside, watching the changes in weather, and in ourselves.  It is a highly personal experience, yet to do it with other people of like-mind is a heartening adventure.

“I always feel better at the end of a walk in the Labyrinth.”

A Labyrinth walk is what one makes of it.  If we choose to hold on to our troubles while walking, it is our choice.  However, the opportunity is always present to offer the Labyrinth that which we do not need, and to also offer it our prayers, hopes and intentions.  This walking meditation helps us center within ourselves and offer gratitude.  While we walk we are connected through time with all other Labyrinth walkers, and Labyrinths around this Earth.   The Labyrinth is much older than us, and can be a decisive, yet gentle, teacher.

You can join us for a Labyrinth walk~

Each Full Moon we walk together in Tucson, AZ.  You can see our schedule at our Meetup group calendar.  If you do not have a Labyrinth near you to walk, you can trace the Labyrinth below with your finger, and imagine yourself walking to the center, and back out again.  Below the finger Labyrinth is a gallery of past Labyrinths created by ISA over the years.  Blessings to you!



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