Artful Creations from the Shamanic Journey

At the Institute for the Shamanic Arts we create many opportunities to explore our inner worlds by journeying within to a rhythmic drumbeat.  So often, the creativity that unfolds from these journeying experiences is profound. Tales of journeys, drawings of journeys, poems and stories inspired by journeys, performances prompted by journeys~ the art never stops, it continually unfolds as we explore the worlds and bring back artful healing :)

This post is to highlight and share just a tiny sample of art creatively inspired by ISA journeyers while in their inner world experience.  We are not including names (unless the art includes the author’s name) to show how archetypal our stories are, and that we channel the stories that come through us while altered with drum and intention.

 You can join in this creative endeavor by attending a circle or event in Tucson, or by journeying online and with mp3 audio.  Enjoy the journey~!

Your Cave of Wisdom Journey

In the cave was an egg. I cracked it open and a powerful red cape with a yellow lining came out. It was filled with a vibrant energy. I put it on. I took the lead and began climbing a thick rope like vine to the top of the cave with my guide following . We came out of the cave on top of a high hill. I could see all around. The guide said all that I could see is mine. I thought well what am I to do with it? The first thing that came to mind is that all living beings will be safe here. They will be safe and respected. Then I thought I don’t want to be alone. I want like minded companions. I sent my guide out to find them and bring them back. Then I transported to my home and found children playing and when they saw me they danced and sang in a circle around me.
In this journey I saw that i have a domain to rule. I don’t rule the World but I do need to rule My world. All that I could see was my world. The Cape represents my power. The children represent my gifts. This is a new beginning. I own my power and shape my world.


Inner Wilderness

Optimism & enthusiasm,

Caverns, tunnels, portals,

Deep, dark, swirling color,

Unsure where they lead,

We journey to discover.

The mystery,

The inner wilderness inside,

Where spirit & guide reside.

Dance in trance,

Wings of flame, under stars,

Wild and free.

Connected to every part of me.

Teachers appear,

Ease my fear,

Show me a way to a new,

I thank them kindly.

They tell me I’m worthy,

A beautiful gift on an

Inner wilderness journey.



A change of Spell

Is Needed now

To give me strength

To see the How

Power in the world now

I can show

No more in hiding

I must go

Wishing, wanting, knowing Now

All come focused into How

Singing spells of knowing now

Spinning spells of knowing how.


The journey of transformation. The ancient inner pilgrimage to the true awareness. Finding through a beat of a drum all that has been forgotten… yet not. Today I journeyed to my joy in my life purpose through the portal that was just waiting for me to say “I am back.”  After each shamanic journeying, I am forever shifted to a new galactic isness.



Change happens when necessary.

Don’t rush anything. When the time is right, all will align for change to happen. Stay comfortable within your skin and embrace each new phase as it presents itself. Love yourself enough to be patient.


rainbow gatewayODIN’S SONG

This stillness sits inside my throat,

I clutch the oar to guide the boat,

We’re downstream of the waking day,

And crickets chitter thru the smoke.


I pull the boat onto the beach,

And begin to climb beyond the breach,

The stone is black, the ice is blue,

And wisdom lies within my reach.


I’ve crossed the worlds seeking this-

This water that is cool and crisp-

It holds the secrets that I seek

That lie beyond the deep abyss.


I stand before the giant’s well,

The ladle stone, and cold as hell,

“You may drink,” the monster says,

“But leave me your eye in the well.”


My wisdom grows with every sip,

The giant wants his payment tip,

I touch my face and feel my eye,

And then I smile, lip to lip.


I’ve traveled all this way, you see,

To drink this drink, to seize this key ,

To learn the secrets that it holds…

But all I find is me.


The water’s cold and crisp and clean,

The well that holds it? Like a dream!

But it’s only water that I drink,

There is no wisdom to be seen.


Now hear the wisdom that I found:

Know that there is no wisdom round

This world but what we find inside

Our hearts and heads, so crowned!


“Pay me now,” the giant said,

“Or you will surely end up dead.”

It was his scheme to take my eye,

And laugh as my face bled.


And so I smiled as I threw

The pebble in my palm into

The giant’s secret well,

And turned from the giant’s view.


“Begone,” I cried, while feigning tears,

“That drink confirmed my blackest fears!”

I groaned and thrashed and bellowed till

The giant covered his ears.


“Enough!” he cried and turned away,

“I never thought I’d see the day

The mighty king of Asgard wept,

And like a wounded horse did neigh!”


And so returned I to the beach,

And started back to homeward’s reach,

To seek the fire and the hearth

Of loving wife and kissing cheek.


You who hear my name and think

How all those stories that are inked,

How all those warriors over drink,


They tell of my lost eye?


Know you now that see me there,

Nodding thru these words of air

Of scars and patches one-eyed glare


Are stories of my lost eye.


Hear my name: it’s Odin High!

And in those tales of my lost eye,

For wisdom sacred I did lie:


When I tasted

of that water,


I was winking.


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