Building Beautiful Labyrinths

Greetings from Labyrinth People!

jacob-lab-2Our sacred labyrinth maker Jacob loves making labyrinths! Since 2002, he has scratched many in the dirt of various places, and laid ropes in the shape of labyrinths in many places.  Each month for full moon we host a labyrinth walk in parks and riverbeds around Tucson.  This last month we had the pleasure of hosting two walks in labyrinths, created by Jacob, that are intended to last a long time.

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11080909_813770952004028_2255866314264241734_oOn Spring Equinox weekend we hosted a labyrinth walk at a community outside of Tucson called the Harmony and Health Foundation.  Jacob “seeded” a labyrinth by scratching it in the dirt, with the intention of community members and friends bringing rocks to create a permanent path.  The Labyrinth was blessed by all (photo), and then we walked together through the winding turns to the center…where Blessings were waiting for us.  It was a lovely evening in a lovely place with a lovely view of the setting sun.  Thanks to Harmony and Health for the hospitality!






On Full Moon in April we hosted our monthly walk at a private location on the west side of Tucson.  Over a year ago Jacob scratched a labyrinth in the shot shown to the right. The homeowners then moved rocks from the surrounding desert, and friends brought rocks from other places, to create this beautiful 7 circuit Labyrinth.  On the evening of the full moon we gathered for a group ceremony that included rhythm, blessings, and walks in the desert.   Thanks to Nan and Gudrun for their hospitality!









DSC02549For the full moon in May we will host our monthly walk in the Rillito riverbed near the Campbell bridge (near Trader Joe’s). A beautiful location beside the road, but between the worlds.  Join us on sunday, May 3 at 6:30pm! 

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