2023 Animist Summit Full Pass

2023 Animist Summit Full Pass

This is the place to register for your 4 week pass for the full summit $0 – $160
To donate $1-$40 (USD) for 1-3 summit days through Eventbrite go here

Zoom entry links are sent by email to those who register (use an email that you monitor for entry link and info)
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Welcome to Web of Life’s first Animist Summit-Navigating our Onward Journey hosted by Animist Ministers, for our community!

The summit is held Tuesdays, October 3, 10, 17 & 24 at 5:15pm-7:30pm PST/AZ.

Ordained Web of Life Animist Ministers will share insights and gifts of their leadership in community. Through ceremonial circles and talks open to all, ministers and community members will actively co-create a present and future for our best possible Web of Life. 

Live Ceremonial Circles and facilitators:

Tuesday October 3:
5:15pm PT- Minister Video Shorts
-5:30 Web of Life Opening Ceremony
with Web of Life Ministers~ Hosted by Quynn and Kalisha. Live voices of ministers for Opening Prayers, blessings, statements of intent, about Animism and our role in the Web of Life.

-6:30pm Healing with Our Ancestral Roots with Kalisha and Desiree M
Explore the transformative journey of ancestral healing and connect with your roots through this introductory session. Engage in thoughtful activities and reflective exercises designed to foster a deeper understanding of your lineage and personal history.  https://www.sacredcircleinstitute.com/facilitators

Tuesday October 10:
5:15pm PT- Minister Video Shorts
-5:30- Empowered Queer Protection co-hosted by Adun and Lola and featuring Dorothea, Vee and Quynn
Gather with us to embark on a multigenerational journey of embracing our queerness! We will be guiding ourselves to empowerment, protection through tools and modalities from queer ministers. While traveling back in time to call in our queer animist ancestors and their strengths to navigate the world we live in. Join us in decolonizing our minds and letting go of the societal constructs that hold us back from living our most authentic lives.

-6:20pm Bone Reading for the Collective with Tamara (video) shares a message from the bones that you are ENOUGH

-6:30-8pm- BIWOC Perspectives-Moderated Discussion about Identity, Responsibility and Transition with Desiree H, Narda and Gisela, guest hosted by Karlyn.  A moderated panel discussion exploring BIWOC perspectives on navigating layers of personal and global identity, responsibility, and transition through an animist lens.

Tuesday, October 17:
-5:15pm PT- Minister Video Shorts
5:30- Positive Masculinity with David Edward and voices of male ministers (Bob, Jacob, Xanga, Clover, Stephen, Ray, Jim, Robert, Clay and Faelix)
There is no denying that the reckless wounding of our world is perpetrated by actions rooted in toxic masculinity, often referred to as simply “the patriarchy.” It falls on men to accept this responsibility and to own their collective shadow. Through the spiritual strength and integrity we cultivate through our animist practice, we can face our wounding. With the aid of our spirit allies we can accept the troubling actions of unconscious men and show up as conscious, balanced men, embodying “positive masculinity.” 

-6:20pm- queer ministers speak their truth… Linda G and DiAn share important messages for queer people (recorded)

-6:30-7:20pm- Dispelling The Curse of the Crazy Witch with Quynn and Elisabeth
For too many generations the words “crazy” and “witch” were/are used against women (cis and trans) as weapons of control and persecution. So many of us have ancestral soul wounds and fear related to this pain, and our natural ways that scare(d) people so much. Now is the time to collectively tend our ancestral lines by honoring ancestral spirits who were “called out” as crazy witches. Through time and space, we can support our feminine ancestries

-7:20-7:30pm Invocation to Allat A beautiful and haunting soundscape honoring the triple Goddess figure of pre-Islamic Arabia- Created and recorded by Soha


Tuesday, October 24:
-5:15pm-5:30pm PT Minister Video Shorts
-5:30- Ceremonial Breathwork for Channeling the Wisdom Within with Harta
Experience a collective breathwork session with Harta Dunia to re-member and breathe alive your animist roots.

6:20pm- Welcome to new ministers-recorded voices- What is Animism? Answered in their own words by the newest ministers, just ordained

-6:30-7:30pm-Envisioning to Fruition (Action going Forward) with June Arballo
This segment will be offered by June Arballo highlighting the spiritual side of taking action on the visions we have and bringing them to fruition. This session is about how we embrace ourselves and align to our life path with commitment, patience and compassion, finding our strength and purpose.
7:30pm Closing words

Also shared are 4 weekly companion podcasts about subjects of importance to Animists.

Topics may be subject to changes.

While attending the full summit is encouraged, you may register for individual live sessions. All sessions will be recorded and available afterwards to registered participants. The companion podcasts and edited clips will be available in public platforms within the Web of Life Network such as: Youtube, Spotify, FB, IG, and Tiktok.

Who this is for

This summit is designed for anyone who wants to be part of an Earth-honoring community, feel a sense of belonging and explore ways to navigate forward in a safe group setting.


The summit will be held Tuesdays, October 3, 10, 17 & 24 5:30-7:30pm PST/AZ. Register for one or all sessions.


Each participant will:

  • Experience an opportunity to bond with others through the shared summit experiences.
  • Explore action steps for moving forward with likeminded people.
  • Receive recording(s) of all registered sessions.
  • Learn about opportunities to stay connected post summit.


This is held virtually to allow those who don’t have the access or resources to leave their space or who feel most comfortable in the environment of their choice. Videos may be kept off for privacy or comfort.  The summit will be recorded. Some sessions may invite periods of standing/moving-adapt how you need.


Purchase your 4 week pass for the full summit $0 – $160 at this page
To donate $1-$40 (USD) for 1-3 summit days go here

All attendees receive access to recordings of attended live sessions for 2 weeks after the close of the summit.
This practice of economic justice allows participants the opportunity  to attend at a cost that fits within their means while also ensuring that the host and facilitators are compensated for their time and effort. Please donate what you can! 

***Web of Life offers the opportunity for participants to become “supporters” of the summit by pre-paying for all the live sessions at a donation rate of $164-$444 for full access to all 4 summit live sessions and all recordings, a free +1 for your watching partner, plus a free signed copy of Quynn’s book WE-The Beginner’s Field Guide to Full Circle Animism. See LINK for more info and to participate.

Summit Etiquette-

  • A zoom space moderator will be present for all live sessions to remove/block disrespectful comments/people
  • This is a safe space and judgment-free zone
  • The intention is to listen and to learn from each other
  • Acknowledge that everyone has different backgrounds and life experiences, so there is no expectation that each participant will “like” or “agree” with each minister offering.

About Web of Life Animist Church

Web of Life Animist Church is an Earth honoring spiritual, but not religious, community. We are committed to the wellness of Earth and all of our relatives through creative connection, personal/ancestral healing, decolonization, intuitive training and eco-spiritual activism. All is connected in our sacred web of life and all beings have innate wisdom. 

The next round of Animist Minister Ordainment training begins on November 5, 2023

Web of Life Animist church is gratefully based in O’odham & Pascua Yaqui traditional desert lands (Tucson, AZ USA). Healing, Learning and training happens online and in Tucson.


“…What can I be responsible for? What do I need to heal and transform within me that can impact the collective? As Resmaa Menakem said in his book My Grandmother’s Hands, as one body settles, those around do too.” – Tanya Lynn

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