Shamanic Animism in 13 sentences

During the last few years, friends of Earth Web Media’s ISA (We, Intuitive Shamanic Animists of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts) have been gathering information, and opening our minds, to write a document.  It was decided that we needed a “Statement of Beliefs”.  Earth Web Media is an Animist Church (a word used by the IRS).  Religions usually have a sacred book or text that tells them how to be and pray.  However, ‘Shamanic Animism’ does not require a book or sacred text to tell people what to believe or how to pray.  Animism is considered the ‘first human “religion”‘ to many (although most don’t like to consider it a ‘religion’), and has been with humanity since its beginning.  Animists tend to believe that the spirit world guides each person as to what to do and how to pray.   This being the case, we still wondered what we, as Shamanic Animists, might be able to agree on regarding our ‘beliefs’.  So we began a discussion about this, we wrote down and organized our thoughts.

We first wrote our “Statement of Beliefs” as written here, and then, for even more simplicity, a friend of ISA compiled the following.

So simple. So descriptive.  Here it is!


Shamanic Animism in Thirteen Sentences
Brought to you by Earth Web Media
  1. Everything, including multiple realities/states of consciousness, is connected with an all encompassing and immortal essence.
  2. Everyone can connect without an intermediary.
  3. Humans have always journeyed among realities/states of consciousness (which is often called the spirit world) for guidance in every aspect of human existence.
  4. Sacred tools and techniques, particularly trance drumming between 220 and 260 beats per minute, facilitate communication and knowledge gathering from the spirit world.
  5. Connection through the senses to non-ordinary reality can take place in a waking and a dreaming state.
  6. All manner of spirit beings exist in the spirit world and on earth outside the range of our five senses.
  7. Humans strengthen a trusting, working relationship with benevolent spirit guides by remembering and exploring the spirit worlds.
  8. Ritual and ceremony, especially in gatherings, are sacred acts that acknowledge and strengthen our connection with the spirit world and the sacred web of life.
  9. In each human’s spiritual life there are important life passages, sacred timekeepers, to be honored with ceremony.
  10. We honor the human body as the sacred companion for our Soul while incarnated on Earth;  our DNA connects us with All That Is.
  11. The Sun and Moon cycles structure our sacred Earth home and all of Nature is our house of worship.
  12. These beliefs and practices can help people restore their mind, body and spirit from past soul wounds experienced or inherited.
  13. Our sacred circles express gratitude, service and reciprocity, arising from our unity with the spirit and physical world, balancing the sacred web of life.

Thanks to those who helped craft the original version.  Edited down to 13 sentences by Alison of    Intellectual Property of Earth Web Media 2012.        Credit when you Use It….Link!  Thank you.


Welcome Home!

Wind and Water Stone and Stream

Ancestors calling to us from the Dream.

“Remember” they whisper, to the cells of our souls

“Remember the secrets of Creatrix and Crone.”

So we call to you butterfly, snake, coyote and bat.

Honey bee, fish, beaver, bison and bobcat.

Help us old wise ones of wing, fur and fin.

We know you can help us remember our Kin

Those who knew how you speak and who heard their own voices within.

So we ask in prayerful voices because our people have strayed,

we ask that you forgive us, and help us remember your ways.

Poem by Quynn

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