Silent Auction to Benefit Web of Life Extended through Equinox

We are hosting a Silent Auction for the benefit of our Big Move to our new space! By popular request, we are extending the auction until Sunday, September 23 at 2pm!

We have open hours on Saturday, Sept 22 12-3pm and Sunday, September 23 12-2pm so you can come by to look at and bid on the lovelies! You can also send Quynn a message with your bid for any item or service by Sunday at 2pm. 

What is a SILENT Auction? Each item has a bidding paper that lists market value and starting bid. When you see something you like, you write down your name, phone number and your bid. Highest bid at 2pm on Sept 23 gets the item.  Simple!!! Thanks for your support!

Auction items

If you have interest in one or more items, please contact Quynn by email or text to inquire about highest bid at the moment.

Want to see what we have in person??? Please come to an upcoming event (see our calendar) at 2016 E Broadway Blvd between now and Sunday, September 23 4pm to make your bids on these meaningful items and services!  We are open to the public every Saturday afternoon 12-3pm.  You can also bid by distance if you cannot get to our physical location. Please reach out to Quynn to offer a bid on an item or service.


Readings and Services available

Shamanic Energy Medicine session with Dee Owl Woman, RN and Animist Minister

Includes Drum, Energy Work, Shamanic Journey
Value $60
bid @ $25

1 hour astrology and human design reading with Astro Yoga Woman, Debbie Barnett 
“Spiritual Astrology from a Yoga Teacher’s View” 
In honor of the Web of Life Animist Church 10 Year Anniversary 
Debbie Barnett, RYT 500  
Valid through 12/8/18 

Value $108
bid @ 

1 hour Personal healing session with Artemis, Reiki Master and Animist Minister
Includes Reiki, Essential Oils, Crystals. Value $80
bid @$25

1 hour reading of choice with June Rettinger de Arballo  in Sedona, AZ.
Your session can include Mediumship, Psychic, Tarot, Blessing. Value $125
bid @ $20.
June is in Sedona Arizona.

One spot in an upcoming SOUL VISION Nature Retreat with Quynn Red Mountain

Join Quynn Red Mountain for a Personal Camping Retreat dispersed, simple camping!) at the Tucson Desert Sanctuary of Mindful Walking– Located in the Sierritas, 35 miles southwest of Tucson, AZ. Options for retreats are listed at website linked here. Spring of 2019 retreats to be listed soon. valid through 4/2019.
Value $195
bid @$60

Labyrinth creation at your home by Jacob

Jacob will create a seventh circuit Labyrinth scratched into the ground at your location of Choice. You then can fill in lines with stones, or whatever you want. :)
Value $100
bid @ $25

Items for Auction
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