Our transition to a dedicated space is possible by the support of many! Thank you-

Friends, allies and supporters have shown up to help in so many ways during this move! Can you help??!

Great and bountiful help has come to get our new place ready for our Grand Opening for ISA/EWM’s 10th Bday Weekend!

Thank you for showing up to our events during the Bday weekend! Thanks to you who donated Auction items, purchased items from our shoppe, and offered item and money donations!!!!

Also thanks for the helpers who are assisting in the not-so-much-fun job of cleaning out the remnants of Our Nest and the Thrift Shoppe!

Earth Web Media is going through exciting growth and we are grateful for all the support that we have around us!!

Our Animist community has been building and changing in Tucson and beyond for almost 20 years. We are grateful that so many people find out about us through our web presence! This website has been in motion since 2000 and recently received an amazing make-over by Raven’s Eye Design, just in time for our 10th birthday as an Animist church on September 11, 2018!, Thank you! We have changed and evolved our name over the years, and our presence in the web continually expands to offer more online opportunities to connect.

If you have been touched, helped and inspired by any of our offerings at any point during the last 10 years (or longer!), please consider:

Donating something(s) we need from our Wish List
Participating in Circles, Sessions, and Events at our new Web of Life Animist church building
Becoming an important part of our Circle of Support (see below).


Below you will find many ways to support our growing Web of Life community space!!!

As we grow, so do our needs, because we have more multi-use space where we can expand our community offerings. We look forward to all the possibilities!




Important ways you can support Earth Web Media’s Web of Life:

OUR WISH LIST- Can you help by donating any of the following?

Fountains from small to big (indoor and outdoor) 
Plants and Cactus for inside and outside 
Water Dispenser (stand and 5 gallon water holder)
Gift Cards for Trader Joe’s, Sprouts and/or Safeway 
White Christmas Lights (many strings- small LED to larger)
Work hours for cleaning and special jobs

Spiritual Tools, Divination, Sacred Items that you are ready to donate- For our Shoppe
Paper towels
purified water
night light

Natural Incense, Sweet Grass and Pine (we are using less White Sage due to overharvesting)
trash bags
little paper cups
dark chocolate bars for grounding after events (stored in our newly donated fridge)
tea lights
dark bottles for essences
perm markers
colored pencils and water color pencils
paper to use with water color pencils
Delivery of Donations:  you can drop them by Web of Life Animist church @ 2016 E Broadway Blvd the next time you come to a circle, or contact Quynn to schedule time. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAIL YOUR DONATION, PLEASE MAIL IT TO 508 E 30th St Tucson, AZ 85713
Thank you!

During this big transition is a perfect opportunity to become an important member of our Support Circle by offering your generous one-time or 6 monthly donation to our Animist church general fund.  These donations are tax deductible.


Offer a one time donation of $1-$500 (enter your amount in the payment field below) to our general fund, and receive a gift (each donation level includes gifts from lower levels)

Donations of $1-$9 include an invitation to join the Inner Circle of the new Web of Life Podcast
Donations of $10-$25
 include an Audio JourneyRhythm Track or Meditation of your choice
Donations of $26-$50 include an Audio Workshop of your choice
Donations of $51-$99 include an Audio Course of your choice
Donations of $100-$199 include 1 year of Raven’s Circle Audio Journey Club
Donations of $200-$500 include a 75 minute Soul Restoration personal session with Quynn, in Tucson or online.
Donations of $501-$1000+  What do you want? Custom gifts can be arranged.

Go to this page to offer your donation. Thank you so much!

or mail a check to Earth Web Media 508 E 30th St 85713 (mailing address)  Thank you so much!


Help us sustain our new home as we settle in!  Offer a monthly donation of $1-$200, with commitment of 6 months, and receive a gift (each donation level includes gifts from lower levels)

6 Monthly Donations of $1-5 include an invitation to join the Inner Circle of the new Web of Life Podcast
and monthly coupon codes for Web of Life online offerings
Monthly Donations of $6-$20
 include Quynn’s e-book Rhythms of Feather and Smoke and A Tribe of One 
6 monthly Donations of $21-$50 include 1 year of Raven’s Circle Audio Journey Club
6 monthly Donations of $51-$99 include 3 Audio Courses of your choice
6 monthly Donations of $100-$250 include a spot in a Soul Vision Nature Retreat in Autumn of 2018 or Spring                                                of 2019 and 2 Soul Restoration personal sessions with Quynn, in Tucson or online.
1 at beginning of 6 months, and 1 at end.

Go to this page to offer your donation. Thank you so much!

or mail a check to Earth Web Media 508 E 30th St 85713 (mailing address) Thank you so much!


If you feel called to donate, yet have any questions, please reach out to Quynn through the contact page!

We have created and offered so much with your donations. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to more amazing adventures together!!!


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