Statement of Commitment to Actions that Dismantle White Supremacy

Web of Life Animist Church-  Tucson, AZ May 31, 2020

The year 2020 so far has brought much into crystal clear vision. The Covid-19 pandemic and the most recent violence and murder perpetuated against black citizens have made it beyond clear that the racist structures of the “United States of America” cannot continue as they have to date. Web of Life Animist Church is committed to the generational process of dismantling white supremacy, and will use our platforms of privilege to this end.

As Animists we know that the Sacred is in All, and we are All connected in an equal way to the sacred Web of Life. We also know that the systems and structures of the dominant culture are rooted in, and sustained by, racist policies that have looted land, labor and lives of countless Black, Indigenous and all People of Color around this beautiful Earth. 

It is our job as Animists, especially those in Animist congregations who wield white privilege, to do consistent and deep work within Self, and in Community, that contributes to dismantling white supremacy culture in this, and future, generations. 

Web of Life Church has committed to the following Actions:

  1. Amplify the offerings and voices of Black, Indigenous and all People of Color in the Web of Life congregation.
  2. Support Web of Life Ministers who host circles and trainings exclusively for Black, Indigenous and all People/Women of Color. 
  3. Further hone our website and training curriculum to model how a spiritual organization (Animist, metaphysical and spiritual churches specifically) should share practices and words that end patterns of cultural appropriation and racism in the congregation.
  4. Highlight Black-owned businesses such as those listed here:
  5. Continue to bridge the worlds of Animist Spirituality and Social Justice in anti-racist ways. 
  6. Donate to, and follow the lead of, community organizations and initiatives led by and primarily serving Black, Indigenous and all People of Color in our community.
  7. Create a timeline for deeper commitments over the next year

Anti-Racism is a part of Spirituality.

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