Decolonize your Spiritual Practice-We are!

For all white folks who consider ourselves “Spiritual” and “Wellness” focused. Racial Equity work and Anti-Racism is not separate from Spirituality and is directly related to creating authentic wellness in our communities. The work is ours to do, and no one can do it besides us. @weboflifeanimists has been committed to decolonizing our church practices and website for some years, and it is never done.

The time is NOW to simply start where we are and be radically honest with Self and community. We cannot move forward with ideas like “We are All One” until we fully address the racism that is present in the structures of the dominant culture, and internalized bias that is getting in the way of true equality.

We urge all spiritual practitioners who wield white privilege in this culture to stop and sit with where we are now. We must own up to how thoughts and actions hurt Black, Indigenous and Brown people in spiritual communities and how spiritual bypassing hurts us all.

Be ready for this work.

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