Talk of Rock- ISA, Stone Wisdom and Animism

Loving StonesEarth Web Media’s ISA hosted a fantastic series of Healing Arts Circles and Ceremonies in honor of the 2013 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  Each circle gave participants the opportunity to connect with the Stone People and Crystal Beings in many meaningful and personal ways.  Please note ISA’s blog post about it.

A note from Quynn “I felt the call of the Stone People, that they wanted to be honored.  The feeling was that they had messages for us.  As founder of ISA, I am very grateful to all the ISA practitioners and friends who agreed (in a short amount of time) to contribute their beautiful circles to help people connect with Stones, Rock and Crystals.  As a person who considers herself an Animist, I have been taught much during this series.  Speaking personally, the series of Stone Wisdom has helped me come to terms with who I am. I am a Shamanic Animist, and I talk to rocks.  I have heard so many doubters ask, when the word Animist is spoken, “what, do you think a rock will talk to you?”  It is always a rock that is used as the classic example of an “inanimate” object.  Now, I am more confident in acknowledging that I am open to communication with these great teachers.   People don’t have to understand.  It is my truth.

During this series, I was reminded that one of my most important messages came from a Rock Grandfather in Utah.  The message was that each of us, no matter where we come from, have ancestors that understood the Earth and knew the ways of Magic.  We have them in our DNA. We can call upon them to whisper to us what to do in these times. Rock supports me, and guides me.  Thank you.”

So, as a Shamanic Animist Church, Earth Web media says Thank you Rock.  Thank you Mineral. Thank you Crystal.  From the overwhelmingly positive response to this series, many humans who have participated in these recent circles, feel gratitude as well.

Crystal Being

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