Adventures with Sacred Geometry!

ImageThis morning’s weekly journey circle was infused with the mathematical poetry of sacred geometry. Everything we see in our world is made up of lines and form—from shapes found in our natural world. As we examine the beauty and structure of shapes, we can reflect on the evolving shapes and containers of issues and themes within our own lives.

Today, for a journey prompt, we used two different “sacred geometry” divination decks.  Participants first chose from a set of 17 shapes. There were two-dimensional shapes like circles and hexagons; representations of three-dimensional shapes, such as the tetrahedron; and some very special patterns found in nature, such as the golden spiral and DNA. During our second journey, we each chose two cards from the very colorful and artistically expressive second deck of “sacred geometry” cards. Each of the cards in this second deck told its own visual story—along with containing one of the featured sacred geometry shapes. We chose these cards using divination (and nobody peeked).Image

Amazingly (!), of the six journey participants, four people chose a story card with the same exact shape they had chosen earlier from the first deck! This was a bit of synchronistic delight for all of us, as the mathematical probability of this was extremely unlikely. Something much more magical than chance was afoot in ISA’s Grotto this morning!

ImagePeople’s journeys were very expansive and far-reaching. Participants flew to the upper world in a vast view, swam happily into the lower world’s oceanic depths, met Bee in golden hexagons, explored the fiery creativity of  (triangle-shaped) volcanic mountains of kundalini, or swirled into the energies of heart center. Today, our group felt the uplifting energy of clarity and break-through—with a bit of playfulness, too! This felt like a sweet blessing in the midst of our chaotic world times. May the blessings of today radiate out and offer uplift, clarity, and comfort to all who are in need!

The Institute for the Shamanic Arts offers a journey circle every Sunday at 10 am. Most weeks, Quynn Red Mountain facilitates this circle (today’s circle was facilitated by Alyson Greene). Each week the consistency—wo shamanic drum journeys, with time for sharing after each ones—spirals through a different prompt or idea, and people’s experiences are ever evolving, Imagealways revealing, and never the same. Sunday journey circles are an excellent time to check in with your deepest self and your guides. You are always welcome. . . The worlds open up when you are here! For more information, see ISA’s weekly Meetup listing.


–written by Alyson Greene

Alyson Greene is a sacred nature guide and shamanic practitioner with ISA. Alyson facilitated this morning’s journey circle, and she enthusiastically invites you to join her on the evening of January 2, 2013, for her Blessings of Golden Light – Activation Circle! See details here.



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  1. Alyson,

    Yes it was magical at the circle yesterday. Lots of good energy. I also believe our peaceful intentions transmitted Friday night are having an effect in the mideast!

    Maybe you could ask if you can leave the tape recorder on during the sharing. I would not mind being recorded and others may not mind either.

    May You Walk in Beauty,


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