The Art of Storytelling

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An important part of human culture is The Art of Storytelling.  People have experiences, and they want to share them.  Stories can have many meanings, and they help us explore our inner and outer worlds. Every culture, and person, has their stories, and new stories are being created right NOW.

Shamanic People are generally storytellers. The following stories were experienced, channeled, written/spoken and edited by Shamanic Practitioner Quynn Red Mountain, in the following places around the American west.  The first story is about a Bobcat on the Hoh River on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.  The second story, about a Raven, was written and recorded in the desert outside Tucson, Arizona.  The third story, a poem about ritual, was written on Summer Solstice in the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah.  Such power in these places. Powerful places bring stories to Quynn’s head. :)

Please share stories of your magical Nature.  There are so many ways to share now. Please share.

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