Blessings Shared

From Quynn Red Mountain…

I was cleaning out my computer and found a file called “Blessings”.  The following blessings were inside.  They were written to me on my last birthday.  Each one was written in a beautiful way on paper, in cards, on art…I rewrote them in the computer…

I felt it was a good time to share them.  Who wouldn’t want to receive the following blessings?!

Each one was written by a beautifully unique person in the ISA community.

Thank you, may the blessings in your life abound…


“May your life’s work always bring you Love, Joy and Prosperity.”


“May the magic of your be-ing continue to ignite the magic of other be-ings.”


“May the gentleness of the flower petals’ whisper fall softly on your spirit.
May the wind’s wisdom tenderly touch your shoulder in the directions of knowing.”
“May the beauty of your soul light the way of many…
As your truth is reflected in each step you take.
May your courage continue.
May your birthrights of plenty remain consistent.
May the works of your path be with grace, ease and love.”


“May you have love that never ends,
Lots of money and lots of friends.
Health be yours, whatever you do,
And may the Universe send many blessings to you!!”


“May your journey ahead be blessed with the warmth of close friends, the joy of works well done, the song of pure laughter, peace in times of chaos, gentle rest whenever needed, strength in the ties of community you gather about you, wonder for every bit of magic revealed to you, and may you always receive the love you have given, three-fold!”


“May beauty walk with you, may your offerings reach the hearts and minds of many, bringing ever more benefit to the world.  May the Earth be protected and loved, and may your life’s work help make it so!”
“May you be safe, warm, well-fed, and always and deeply loved.  May your tribe grow and your community deepen.  May your heart’s secret wishes come true.  May you know long life and excellent health, and may you be Happy!”


“May your days be filled with joy, love, laughter, success, friends, support, opportunity, abundance, integration, kindness, and all that you most want.  May you dance and sing, feel the sweet rain, share your heart, be hugged and kissed, have lots of smiles, let go, receive and give, rest, exercise, have peace, have gratitude, love your life!”

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