Movement and Space

The Institute for the Shamanic Arts (lovingly called ISA) has been in a number of spaces since it began.  The space that has housed us for the last two years has been called The Grotto, a rock walled underworld home.  Our Grotto has hosted many circles, events, journeys, drumming sessions, tears, laughter and aha moments .  Now it is time to move from the underworld to the middle world.  This sounds far, but in the physical world, we are only moving two buildings to the east on Toole Ave. Not far. :)

The last circle in the Grotto occurred on Monday night (June 3).  It was a circle called Idea Yay! A perfect last circle for the Grotto. Creativity and Manifestation were the focus.  We fished for Ideas, and asked for guidance about our creative endeavors.  ISA is a creative endeavor, one that is created and manifested through the imaginations of so many of us.  Yay for all the wonderful times in the Grotto!

Now it is time to move.  It is happening.  We are painting, decorating (a new theme, and a new look for our new space!), and visioning.  When it is time to clear out all from the Grotto, we will put out a call to the many, many people who have offered to help. Thank you so much!!!!

A week ago we hosted a circle regarding our Move.  Each participant journeyed regarding Movement for ourselves, and asked for blessings for the new ISA space.  Upon return from the drum journey, we each wrote what we felt guided to write. Below are our writings… Below that are photos from our Grotto.  Thank you Grotto.  Thanks to all who have sat in circle together here. Thanks to Steve Eye of for looking out for ISA and suggesting this new space and space arrangement.

On we go to a new phase! See you in circle soon :)


Purification and Beginnings. How I do love ISA!

So many phases and changes, turnings, transitions, growings- all in our short years together. So many aspects of relating, shifting, perspectives, cracking open, risk taking, idea yay-ing and blossoming…From soul retrieval to discovering partnership, ISA, you have been a portal, guide, companion and key! Namaste to you!!! Many your evolving home continue to shelter, inspire, guide and nudge-out-of-the-nest many! Fly, ISA, fly!  A respectful bow of gratitude to you.

What moves you?
Your own distress?
Another’s beauty?
A whip?
The rain?
Does it come from within? If not, can you identify with without, in a new way, within?


History is dust
Dust contains history
A carpet that has moved is ready to capture more history
People require history to learn
Learning requires the creation of dust
It is difficult to stand on a moving carpet.

Blessings for the Grotto.
To have a smooth and easy transition moving from Below to the Above. Prayers of all the good energies that came from the Cave, to the Grotto, to be filtered into the Middle World space.

Thank you Grotto for serving us well.  Thank you for your wonderful ancient stone ancestors who have blessed us each and every time we entered this Beautiful space.  You will be missed!

Move with consciousness and confidence.

Wherever ISA moves will be fine.  All of the locations have had their own magic.  It is the people who make ISA, not the site.


Movement, O Movement.  Oh, how I love thee.  You have always made my life so interesting. You guide me just where I need to be, even when I don’t know exactly where that is.  Thank you-


There is a power in holding stillness inside until fruition.  Then, like a fine wine fermented to perfection, power spreads out.  Discernment is pertinent.  Power doesn’t get flung around hither and to and fro.  It is used wisely.  Gratitude is then extended because no one, no thing, none, OWN power.  Be respectful.  Be kind.  Stay in Heart.

The entity known as ISA knows power.

Places, children, people, beings, plants, animals, crystals, angels, spirits, star people, land, nature. Power.

The light in the stream is the light in the sky, Milky Way, iridescent ever so.  I shimmer, the Earth shimmers.  Caught in a reflection, a refraction, bounded by the light of stars.

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