Father Spirit

On this weekend of the American holiday called Father’s Day, ShamanWorld.com would like to share a journey mp3 with you.   Father’s Day is an opportunity to notice, honor, heal and celebrate Sacred Father energy.   When you have about 20 minutes available for your meditative self, please listen to this audio file and be prepared to ask a Sacred Father Spirit Guide to present himself to you.  Let the drum take you where you need to go.  Whatever happens is meant to happen. What do you need? How do you feel? You can share it with your Spirit World Guides and ask for their help.  Healing “Family of Origin” issues is incredibly important to feeling centered and expressing joy in life.

Here is to healing.  Here is to joy. Here is to love.

[thaudio href=’https://weboflifeanimists.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Father-Spirit.mp3′]Father Spirit Journey[/thaudio]

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