Idea Yay!

As humans, ideas come to us, from somewhere, and we decide to manifest them, or not.  We are able to manifest them, or not. When we do, these things we call “ideas” change us, and the world, in small and large ways. Yay!

“The best idea is one you can do.”  Quynn Red Mountain

ISA’s second annual “Idea Yay!” summer training series completed this past Monday.  People came together who wanted to nurture their ideas, help them manifest, understand them better. By the last meeting, there was a deeper understanding of these creatures called ‘ideas’, and our role and responsibility to them.  Ideas are sacred and we are the sacred beings who receive them.  Our relationship with our ideas is complex, and beautiful.  When we feel we are not able to manifest the ideas given to us, depression, unease and anxiety can ensue.

Throughout the series, no one shared the details of our ideas.  These are for each person to know.  Instead we focused on the spiritual soil in which we were to plant our ideas. We looked at beliefs and perceptions that help and hurt the growth of our ideas.  We witnessed each other as we nurtured our ideas, and journeyed within for teachings regarding the caretaking of our sacred friends.

Below are the writings from each participant, about their evolving relationship with their IDEAS.


“Ideas are the lifeblood of imagination and living life fully. Ideas are spirits waiting to be channeled into this world.  Ideas are magical beings that choose us as caretakers, friends, and allies.  Ideas are mine, and yours, and ours. Thank you.”

“You create therefore you are.  Continue to create with Love, and Beauty will be your harvest.  Or… continue to create with doubt, and fear will be your harvest. Your life is yours to create. J  Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy!”

“I discovered I have power and control over my decisions (ideas).  My ideas, their priority and importance, changed over the weeks of this series.  It is okay to have ideas because they are mine even if someone else might think they are silly or grandiose.”

“Sharing is important.  It builds excitement!  I love working together and feeling supported.  Others share pertinent info when they share.”

“The main thing I got was that all it takes is to start- start anything, just take the first step.  I have known for a long time that baby steps are the way to go, but the very first of those is critical.

Recognizing how and where to get support is also important.  Early on, I got clarity about this, and I now keep it front and center.

Finally, making space for my ideas also may mean letting go of something else, even if that something (or someone) doesn’t appear to b standing in the way. As long as I put energy into things or people I don’t want in my life, it is interfering.”

“Caring for Ideas means figuring out parts of myself that are needed to nurture them.  Ideas need love, care and support.  So in order to give that to your Ideas you must give that to yourself.”

“Before it was mentioned that I have become more confident and able to express, this was exactly what I was thinking about writing down.  Through this workshop I feel as though I have become more open, confident and accepting.   I feel that when it comes to ideas, those are the emotions I need to go through in order to accept my ideas and use them in this world.”

“My idea is more dynamic.  It has form. I feel closer to it than iever have. I see things brewing in my life, and excites me.  I have details to work out, but my fear of failure is waning.  One day soon I will heal people’s hearts, and see them come alive.  I can’t wait!”

Here’s to our IDEAS!    Blessings :)

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