Stargate Merkabah of July 29 2013 with Community Power

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20 Human Beings, and who knows how many Beings of Light, gathered last night in a sacred space called The Galactic Center (Tucson, AZ) to experience together the rare planetary alignment that occurred yesterday. A Grand Sextile was formed around our beautiful planet Earth on this day, activating a Star of David, a Merkabah, a Stargate. says about this alignment, “This Grand Sextile is essentially a six-pointed star, or hexagram, comprised of seven planets that form harmonious angles (trines and sextiles) to each other. This synergistic seven are all in “feminine” (earth or water) signs, emphasizing stability, gentleness, love and harmony. Many astrologers view this as the moment our culture will take a step toward embracing “feminine” principles.

It’s rare enough to have even one trine, or “lucky triangle,” so experiencing two at once is a real anomaly. One will be an earth trine involving the moon, Venus and Pluto. The other is a water trine that includes Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.”

Leah White Horse says “Sextiles in fact, show us where opportunities lie. They are like open doors.”

For more information about the alignment, check out , and Randy Bruner.

To activate our H20-ness, in the center of our circle was a large glass vessel, with water inside.

During our circle we activated our sacred intention to connect with Mother Earth, while opening our Heart Center, and Crown, to be open to the blessings of this day.  We opened our circle with sharing, while passing a bowl of water and candle light. Phil Cash Cash shared an Invocation of the Light with us, spoken in his Native language Nez Perce, and also in English. Then four drummers, Phil Cash Cash, Elisabeth Black, Quynn Red Mountain and Dee Owl Woman, drummed for the group, so that all could open our earthly energies to the blessings present. Next we connected our energies with singing bowls of varying tones, a drum, and our voices in a heartfelt way, together.   Finally, we shared our experiences.

People were encouraged to write down anything that came to them during the experience.  Included below is a sampling of what people wrote (the ones I could read):


“Creation am I, I am Creation. Light am I, I am Light. Divine Love am I, I am Divine Love.”

“I was shown different people in our circle tonight, each with a totally different essence light (in color, shape, and feel), yet each of us was light, each of us a Universe within.”

“Time to manifest together!  Visualizing is so powerful! Use violet flame, the cosmic fire, to consume all discord and old programs, so more light can come in!”

“Communication occurs with the help of “pay attention rays”.  The ray fills the beholder with the power of “Wait a minute”. Any incident, no matter how significant, may grant access to the treasure of “Aha!”  Don’t hold on. Don’t let go.”

“The right side of my body vibrated with energy. I felt “inflated, bloated” with the energy. Left side felt completely calm, almost numb.  I can see energy in motion always, but tonight I saw singular pin points of white and bluish-white dots, or sparkles. Small and many- not orbs.  Then I saw two energy points with a vortex appearance- a hole in the middle- it elongated.”

“Power is the Great Mystery.”

“Heat/Excitement, Rivers Overflowing!  Go to the mountain tops. Light, piercing bright light. Raging rivers of water, life, balance, death and rebirth.  It is all about community/togetherness!”

“During the drumming I felt that the fabric of reality began to vibrate, to shimmer.  It felt good.  After a while, a voice/feeling said “What do you want?”  I said “I want to thank you.”

“Once upon no time there is Now.  Let us be here now. Let us see, feel, hear, taste, touch, and again be NOW!  You will begin to experience all there ever was, and more.  You will see Life is Grand.”

“During the singing, a ‘tunnel’ appeared, and I could see the end.  Then, along the sides, appeared an ever growing feast of so many foods. So much variety!  Foods I knew, and many I did not. I had the feeling of beings that had brought the foods to this cosmic feast.  Each being was a representative, and each brought the best their Kind had to offer.  It did not matter if I knew what they were, or if I “liked” any one or another food, because it was the feeling of bringing your best forward, and community sharing that was important.  I realized that even if I did not know what one food was, I could not ask because I would not necessarily understand the answer (spoken in different languages), and that was ok.  ‘Enjoy the offering and the feeling behind it’ was the message.  After a while I asked if I needed to do something. The feeling answer, not just for me, but for all present, was… “nothing to do. just know you are invited to this feast.”

After the circle, here are some things participants wrote about the experience-

“You all were so awesome, thank you!”

“This was definitely a very blessed experience. The vibrations where definitely high!!! It was a time for creative energies to come together on all levels. Coming face to face with our demons and then stepping out into our personal power. Balancing our light and dark by letting go. Then onto centering in the superpower of love. Awesome experience with some of the greatest beings of light!!!!”

“I attended a wonderful gathering, honoring the recent cosmic alignment of 6 planetary energies. Beautiful people, powerful experience. Thank you Quynn for organizing the event this evening, I would have offered my home made kombucha at the cosmic buffet you were speaking of, and to try some of the fruits I was imagining as you spoke would feel o so right.”

“Feels good to be alive today. I want to laugh and cry, exploring the planetary alignment with drums, chanting and other sound. With Quynn Red Mountain and the Galactic Center.”

In times that can feel troubled, and in a world that needs love, it is a good thing to focus on our One-ness, together.  Even if we do not speak the same language, our hearts can connect as Tribe.  When we connect with our best selves, we can activate the love that is needed for ourselves, and all beings.

Thanks to all who participated in all realms.  You/We are beautiful.



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