Snake and Butterfly as Shamanic Teachers

For the last four weeks, 10 Changing Beings gathered for a shamanic intuitive training circle.  Snake and Butterfly were the teachers for this circle.  The 10 Human Beings asked for wisdom shared from these shapeshifting Beings.  Four weekly sessions we met. We pondered our lives.  We looked to our teachers. We journeyed to the drum for messages.  We shared our stories with each other.

On our last evening together, we asked Snake and Butterfly what to write to you, through us.  Here is what they wanted to share.

“Oh powerful Snake and beautiful Butterfly, you have been such wonderful teachers in my life, and in this series. The journeys and stories within the circle have been deep, and the lessons evocative. You can, and do, show us how to change with grace, and how to expand our Selves in natural timing. Thank you.”

“During the class snake came to me repeatedly and strongly, imploring me to listen, & I did. Snake explained that I learned best through difficulty and struggle and that if that is absent I am not learning. Snake showed me that profound wisdom is within my grasp if I surrender to darkness and learn the patterns and activities of the underworld and night. I know when to strike and know when to become invisible and listen and observe. This class has reminded me to respect and honor the wisdom of my animal guides and has presented a pathway to integration of spirit and world.”

“The light wings, not herd, not seen, free me from this shell of bad dreams, from this refrigerator of rotten meals.  A land of scattered lines and pollen braids falls around me, as I fall on your senseless, soundless wings.

 Serpentine gems. Coiling. Uncoiling. Cobra thunder under a blanket of bad moons, cutting away with the whip of your tongue ties to sunken zoos.  Calling me to follow you to your den, your hiding place just beyond the tree, the gate, the glade.  Follow to free this skin from melancholic skin. All is well. Thank you.”

“Change happens when necessary. Don’t rush anything. When the time is right, all will align for change to happen. Stay comfortable with in your skin and embrace each new phase as it presents itself. Love yourself enough to be patient.”

“Love. Acceptance. Trust. Face. Rhythm. Internal movement. Self expression.”

“There is so much in the awareness of a spark, the ache of a muscle, the energy of effort, the effort of revelation. Have the time clocks gutted the circle? Will the fluidity, flexibility, momentariness of the circle survive the sterilization of corporate neglect, the lost businesses, the soulless workspace? Will the reptilian fight and forge somehow disappear because if its in inefficiency, subtlety? Or will we rise, will we daily be able to have meaning, will I? Yes.”

“I found peace and joy. I am my present on this beautiful earth.”

“Contact with others opens your spirit to nourishing, loving being. Enjoying the journey.”

“Gentle silence, the beauty and tranquility will help you see beyond your perceived reality into the limitless abundance of every soul, because we are all connected somehow. Quiet the mind and use the eye of your soul. A truly transformative path will be revealed.”

“I felt very pushed and pulled during these four weeks. There were a few times I fought with myself whether to go or not. Those classes wound up being the ones that I felt like I got the most from. The lessons that I learn from others were as important as the lessons that I received for myself. Not only did I feel that I have grown so much, I feel like I have a foundation to keep growing. With love, thank you.”

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