Cracking Open-Individual Sessions

The exciting and spectacular news is that our shamanic evocation performance of Cracking Open is happening very, very soon! In fact, it will be November 26, from 6:30-8:30.

Many fascinating, magical, sumptuous, balancing, and fruitful developments have been taking place!

One preparation happened recently when Cracking Open-Individual Sessions occurred.

The spirit energies of ….

“The Fynn Family- A shamanic team consisting of Sister Warrior Healer, Brother Shapeshifter and Quynn ‘Oolah’ (one who balances)”,


her Majesty, Queen Raveness,

worked with individuals to bring forth intentions into activation.

This was a powerful and moving experience!

Now it is time for YOU to Crack Open in your own special way.

You are invited,

you are encouraged,

you are so very welcome to join us for CRACKING OPEN!

Cracking Open-A Shamanic Evocation

On November 26, from 6:30-8:30, Quynn Red Mountain and Institute of the Shamanic Arts will present a multimedia, imaginative re-creation through shamanic evocation. With the power of memory and imagination, shamanic performers will use video, dance, art, rhythm, vocalization, sound, energy work, divination, song, clowning, light work, shamanic practices, and drumming to evoke messages of “cracking open” (transmutation). Due to the mature themes prevalent throughout this ritualistic performance, no children will be permitted.  Audience participation will be encouraged.

Together we will crack open and create anew.

Tickets: $7 – $13

(a spirit-guided sliding scale;

ask within to divine your ticket offering)

Tickets for the performance may be purchased at the door, at Future’s Antiquity Gallery, 19 E Toole Ave, Tucson, AZ.

2 thoughts on “Cracking Open-Individual Sessions”

  1. Mystery, Magic, bumpin beats, two striking beautiful raven healers…there was an intensity that comes from deep release and healing. This healing duo pin pointed exact physical spots, in which much spiritual and emotional yuck were being held. With enthusiastic encouragements and artistic display these two took me into the light and brought me back to me here now. The performance of this Shamanic ceremony is worthy of festal culture extravaganzas and you scheduling yourself an appointment.

  2. Yesterday, wow, was the first of anew. I experienced an awakening, and opening, and a release to grant passage into stronger activation of my self that I want to share with all. It feels like it is being achieved, and in that, it is has been. Balance.. Tranquility.. And stability in a world chaos.

    I want to get as real as I can with the observer(the you that may be reading this), but this may be difficult for me. It may also not.

    What is possible through this shamanic art is limited only by what is held back in the communion between the observer (me and you), and the performer. It feels otherwise open to everything; everything and nothing, and all in between. You may have all that you want or need by shedding expectation. Allow your self to be, in open space. Allow your self to feel comfortable with anything that may happen, but first you must establish a communion in which you are comfortable.

    The communion (between you, the observer/ receiver, and the performer/ giver) may be created and established through an infinite kaleidoscope of varying ways. We are all individuals, so this seems logical to me. It may be created vocally by asking questions. Stating want’s and desires, or even concerns and uneasiness, is important to build an energetic space that is comfortable for what is happening moment to moment. This process of communion may, and in my experience, does happen moment to moment, as I feel it will you too. The communion may also be created through awareness and expression of body language. I feel it may also be created, through the mind(s) as well.

    Yesterday was my first ever personal “session” performed by Queen Raveness, and Quynn of the Fynn inside The Grotto of The Institute of Shamanic Arts (I.S.A.). It was absolutely AMAZING!! and AWESOME, I want to say transformative, but that does not feel quite like the right word. It was a way of opening, amplified awareness, nurturing, blossoming, releasing, discovery, and activating to grow even further into my self. They have an incredible presence of respect, caring, and awareness of boundaries. I thank you both Quynn and Raven so very much for sharing you beautiful gifts. You are an inspiration to me =^)

    As for you all fellow observers, lets play and have some fun! It is the time of our lives, and every moment is a new beginning. Being alive is so beautiful. I want to enjoy it with all: Love

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