Cracking Open Is For You!

Cracking Open



November 26, 2011


$7-$13 (a spirit-guided sliding scale; ask within to divine your ticket offering)

at Future’s Antiquity Gallery, 19 E Toole Ave, Tucson, AZ

The cast and crew is shamanically preparing for a night of energy, consciousness moving, and magic.               

Around us the music soars, we twist and turn in the light, and we recognize profound insights.

This is all part of expanding our hearts, minds, and spirits.

Each of us is experiencing our own rebirth in partnership with the spirit world.

Now it is time for you to explore these realms with us.

Share in the stories and mysteries.

Sit with the benevolent star beings that are being welcomed this night.

Move with us in ordinary and non-ordinary realities.  Please join us!

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