DO NOT Be afraid- Shamanic Journey Circle for Turkey Wisdom

“Do not be afraid to go where your mind can’t reach. The journey is infinite and you will be prepared for all.”

On the Sunday of the four day Thanksgiving weekend 2012, journeyers gathered for a shamanic journey circle that happens every week in downtown Tucson, Arizona.  On this day there were 13, and the focus of their journeys was Wild Turkey. Many enlightening facts and stories were shared about the Wild Turkey’s strength of flight and sight, their longevity (11 million years!), as well as their sacredness to Peoples of the North America, and then Europe as well.   Fascinating facts!

“Your wild Nature is beautiful and tasty.”

Two drum journeys brought strong vision to the journeyers. At the end of the last drumming, each participant wrote a message of wisdom from their new Turkey allies.  They are shared here.

“You have nothing to be grateful for unless you have gratitude. Ask Turkey to provide you Thanksgiving.”

“The bad guy in the movies dies when he makes assumptions about the “ease” or manageability of the opponent.  If someone underestimates you that is their weakness and danger.  It is ok to be wild and to be able to defend a boundary. I nurture, but this is my space so respect it or beware.”
“Freedom to experience spiritual peace, finding it walking in natural surroundings.  Turkey gives you peace. Go to the tall trees and rock formations.”

“My energy is a gift of seeing into the distance, or beyond the immediate.  My giveaway is love. Know that it is given willingly and always from love.”

“Live close to the Earth.  Follow your curiosity.  Know you are more powerful than people realize.”

Don’t try and hide anything from yourself, but be aware of what you share with others.  It is a gift either way.”

“Peace. Joy. Freedom.”

“Turkey Blessing:  Turkey is generosity of heart in relationship (all kinds of relationships).  Turkey runs fast (and free).  Turkey shares!  Turkey does not get her feathers ruffled.  Turkey is easy-going but focused.  Turkey love is simple, valuable, and not to be underestimated.”

All quotes were written by circle participants.  Thanks to all who joined in.  Thank you Turkey.

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