Shared Blessings of Joy and Love


As winter solstice 2012 approaches, a circle of journeyers gathered at ISA’s Grotto in Tucson, Arizona, to drum up the sacred energies of joy and love, and then share a message by writing whatever came to them to share. The results were beautiful, as you can hear here. Each person received a message in the moment, and wrote down what came to them. They were passed into a big pile of blessing, and then each person picked one. Each blessing was recorded. Together, they become a beautiful string of blessing beads to share with YOU.

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As you listen, ponder your relationship with the energies of JOY and LOVE. Open yourself to a deeper relationship. Thank you for listening. Please share this message with anyone you feel might benefit. The world is what we make of it.

Joy and Love to YOU~

Drum beat by Quynn Red Mountain 2012. Rhythm tracks and shamanic journeys are available at the Learning Center page.


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