Sacred Corn

Corn has always been sacred- as food, medicine, spirit guide- to cultures throughout the continent now often called “the Americas”. It is only the modern colonized culture which has turned corn into a commodity that has been abused and vilified. Corn asks us to begin to reclaim our sacred reciprocal relationship. Ask yourself today- what can YOU do today to begin to bring corn back into health and sacredness?

At any moment you can be called by the spirit of Corn to offer a community ceremony to begin to reconnect with and heal the relationship we as a culture have with the Corn Plant.  In ceremony- offerings of corn, tobacco, handmade stylized corn ocarina, corn husk dolls and prayers can be placed on the altar as a on offering to the spirit of corn. You can ask the spirit of Corn what you could do as an individual to transform your own awareness and relationship with Corn- as a food and as a being of sacred wisdom- and what commitments you would make to the Corn spirit to bring the awareness of the Sacred medicine and wisdom of Corn back into our culture.

“In the heart of every human is the kernal of remembering”  Spoken in drum journey during ceremony

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