ISA Full Moon Labyrinth Walks at Unity come to a close

At sunset on October 18, a beautiful evening, over 20 people gathered to celebrate the full moon, and honor this walk as the last that ISA will host for Unity church.  ISA has hosted Full Moon Labyrinth walks for 2 years and 8 moons and each one has been beautiful.  Whether hot sun, rain, cloud or cold, we hosted ceremony at this sacred place.  People came many times or one time.  We walked to drum, rattle, silence and this last time, singing bowls.  We prayed within, together.

ISA is grateful to have been asked to host for Unity, and now we feel it is time to take our labyrinth making (rope labyrinths created by Jacob) to nature places around Tucson, riverbeds, parks, mountain tops maybe. ISA will continue to host labyrinth walks on full moon, and Unity’s labyrinth will continue to be available day or night, anytime, for quiet contemplation.

During this last walk, we had sacred visitors! Coyotes came very close and began talking to us.  Beautifully, someone recorded the event- singing bowls and coyotes! Yay! The shuffling sounds are the feet of many labyrinth walkers- Listen here:

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The next full moon is on Sunday, November 17.  See our meetup group calendar to find out where we will be so you can join us!  Thanks to Unity Tucson for your beautiful labyrinth and your support!

Blessings to all who participated over the years, on all levels!

ISA Full Moon Labyrinth Walks at Unity come to a close

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