Empaths Share about Empathic Children

Elisabeth Black runs a Facebook group called Empaths.  The following conversation about empathic children started and we would like to share the thoughts shared. If you are an empath, or have a child who is an empath, you can ask to join the group.

No names are used to protect privacy=

As a teacher, I am encountering many empathic children. I think it is imperative that we figure out the “gift” aspect of being empaths so we aren’t in the mode of, “Sorry kid being an empath sucks.”

-How can you tell if a child is empathetic? I think my oldest is.

-my oldest is.  i can i can just feel it

-Personally I think the stronger of a community that we build, that allows emapths to cocreate reality, the easier time we will have a saying that it’s not a bad thing to be an empath. Empaths that exist amongst non empaths is the sucky part. Light and Love, to all sentient beings!!

-I can tell because they are “sensing” and so am I.

-I’m trying hard to be a good auntie. Neither of my sisters are empaths. I believe some of the kids are drawn to me because we connect on a different level. I want them to feel comfortable with me, that they share a special connection. It’s something I never had, and something that the nuclear family has really taken away – that ability to find someone in “the tribe” that one can click with.

-I think this goes beyond only empaths, though being an empath can be particularly trying at times. Everyone has gifts. Most people have one or two strong gifts. They are simply often repressed or latent and untapped. I have known people with energy sight who have felt they had to hide it and be careful not to react to things that other people don’t see. Sometimes those things are pretty scary. They face the same dilemma empaths do in that they must decide if they should tell someone if they see something they feel may be important but potentially disturbing. People with varying levels and flavors of ESP, who may or may not be empaths, experience problems similar to those experienced by empaths regarding noise. Much of the issue is that the general public thinks these gifts are rare or do not exist. Many people who are working with their own gifts are also invested in the idea that these things are rare rather than nearly universal.

-I’m very aware that they aren’t rare!

Empaths Share about Empathic Children


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