Snake Wisdom and Soft, Strong Light

Our most recent Sunday Journey Circle brought forth meaningful information, as usual.  Over a dozen people gathered in the Grotto to explore their inner realms using the ancient tool of simply listening to a monotonous drum beat while holding an intention.  This day’s journeys focused on the power of Snake, and the state of matter called “Plasma”.

People connected with Snake in many fascinating and important ways.  The photo shown is our circle center for this group.

For the second journey, without much scientific introduction to that which is called Plasma, participants were asked to watch the Plasma light in the center of the circle, listen to the drum, and intend to connect with that which makes the light, as if it were a Being.  The quotes below are thoughts written down by journeyers immediately after the drum stopped.  Two people drew pictures of tehir experience, and they will be posted tomorrow.

“Rely on the raw, constantly changing, creative, infinite option…the feel of it.  You don’t need to do anything. Power, power, power, power inside you.”

“What part of what we “see” is real? Which is illusion? Are they both? Is it a matter of focus and perception?  Shadows dance, Someone chants, off in the distance and perhaps many, many years ago- perhaps in what we call ‘future’.”

“Release resistance. Open. Ask us for what you need. All us to permeate. Soften.”

“Superior technology is NOT “God”. …Let’s get this idea so we can all f&!king move on and join the Intergalactic Federation of Cool People!” (Said while touching the ball of light).”

“The Universe is full of massive Suns producing light.  The Suns collect into Spiral Galaxies.  The enormity of the Universe is so immense that the Earth is only a transparent speck of dust.  The light of the Universe passes through every fiber of our being.”

“The soft, strong energy you perceive as Light is what is between the worlds.  Like oxytocin release after orgasm, like the light that so many see during meaningful spiritual experiences, we are this, and we ride this to communicate. Like orgasm, the light feels good, so you (humans) want it.”

During the sharing after the journey, one participant spoke of his work, and how he uses Plasma light to cut metal. He spoke about its Power, and its Snake-like quality.  We all agreed that the ancient Snake and the mysterious Plasma are doorways into many important teachings for those who seek to know more about our worlds and how we interact with them.

Written by Quynn.

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