Beside the Road, Between the Worlds

Yesterday, a group of us  from ISA traveled to the Upper World above Tucson, Arizona. Commonly, the mountain we traveled is called “Mt. Lemmon” in the “Catalina” Mountains.  Another name is “Frog Mountains”.  We felt called up to 6,000 feet to honor the water, the trees, birds, ants, the rocks, and all the rest.  All the beings who live on the sides of the road in a narrow canyon stretch of the Catalina Highway called us to be with them.  As the cars and the motorcycles zipped by, we drummed and rattled for the trees and beings who lived there. We talked with, and listened to, them.  It was a nourishing day.

So often, we drive by places of sacredness, on our way to somewhere else.  It is our conditioning to live in a place and forget to say “thank you” to the beings that also live there with us.  The Institute for the Shamanic Arts (ISA)  is hosting a series of Nature based gatherings this autumn. Half day adventures around the perimeter of Tucson, AZ.   Together we engage with, and honor, the sacred beings with whom we live.

Often, people who feel called by the Spirit Worlds to walk a sacred path, feel that they have to go faraway to an exotic place in order to interact with sacredness.  However, shamanically speaking, it is our endeavor to bring our attention back home, to where we live, and feel the sacredness “here” once again, wherever your “here” might be.  This is how we re-animate the world.

This audio file is of a special person (Phil) playing his flute at a small waterfall, right at the side of the road.  Beautiful!

Also, here is today’s episode of the Shamanic Power Hour with Quynn about this same subject “Beside the Road, Between the Worlds”


Here are some photos of our adventure Beside the Road.  You don’t have to travel far, or hike many miles, to connect with Power.  Start looking around you, because natural sacredness is all around, all the time.


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